I failed my GTT!!! AHHHHHH!!!

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  1. Now I have to do the 3 hour one and hopefully that comes out ok...:sad:
  2. I failed mine too when I was pregnant with my daughter. The 3 hour test is not bad. So don't worry. Just pick that sweet liquid drink in a flavor you hate because after the test I could no longer drink anything that had the flavor I picked. Bring a good book to read while you wait. My doctor was nice enough to let me leave and come back every hour for the bloodtest.
    Good luck. All my tests came out one or two points above normal when I was pregnant and I always had to get them redone or move to the next test...... Had a perfect baby and no problems but the abnormal tests....
  3. I failed one just last month and I had to take the 3 hour one. The doctor told me there is only a 15% chance that most moms come up positive for Gestational diabetes. He also said it could be my diet and it could be seasonal with all the holiday sweets. Anyhoo, I passed the second on fine. I had to follow a high carb diet for 3 days then fast for 8 hours. I then had to go to the lab and drink the glucose drink and have my blood drawn every hour. I did not get to leave but their was televison there and I brought books to read... Good luck...
  4. I remember failing my first test and I have myself to blame because I had hot chocolate before heading to the lab that morning. Then I have to take the 3 hour test and I told my DH having my blood drawn 4 times is my punishment. Good thing he was with me the entire time because I wasn't allowed to leave the lab.
  5. I had gestational diabetes with my second child and as soon as he was delivered it went for both of us.

    Slight discomfort through pregency but well worth it, he is gorgeous!
  6. Yeah I hear that with the first GTT there are a lot of false positives since the normal limit is set lower. Hopefully I pass the one on Thursday, wish me luck!
    I will definitely be bringing a book to read.
  7. The lemon-lime flavor is way better than the orange, just a tip. Mine have both been good so far, so I think I'm in the clear now and don't have to do it again.
  8. I failed mine with my ds - then the three hour test I did fine. Wish they could come up with something a little more reliable!
  9. I just went for the one hour....I pray it comes back ok.
  10. ^Good luck :smile:

    I will ask for the LL flavor thanks!
  11. good luck! I hope it all turns out well for you! I failed the first test with BOTH of my pregnancies, but passed the 3 hour one without a problem. Personally, I think all the liquid flavors are awful and made me sick to my stomach, but what can you do? :smile:
  12. I had gestational diabetes with my 2nd. If you end up being diagnosed PM me with any questions.

    Good luck!!!
  13. Okie so I took it today and I used a straw this time cuz it's twice as sweet and was really hard to guzzle down, especially in 5 minutes! The lemon-lime wasn't so bad I guess but it still made me nauseous. I brought a book with me to read but I couldn't focus cuz I was sick to my stomach. I ended up watching tv and walking around in circles in the waiting room. I was pricked 4 times total, twice in each arm. :sad:
  14. the first test has a lot of false positives. i failed it with my ds and had to take the three hour test after a few days of a high glucose diet. the diet was the worst. i could not eat all the food! i remember calling the office and asking: am i supposed to eat all this in one day or over the three days???

    in the end i passed and he was born totally healthy...
  15. i failed the first one too and then of course did the dreaded 3 hr detailed test. i was quite stressed out coz i didn't know what was it that i ate that coz me to fail. so i just drank alot of water, cut off anything with sugar for a few days prior to the test. and thankfully i passed. i didn't mind the orange frizzy drink, just like a can of pop to me. but it was the dreadful waiting at the lab, doing nothing but reading a book and watching people coming in and out. thank goodness it is all over.