I failed my first driving permit test.

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  1. I know most of you guys wouldn't care about hearing a 17 1/2 year old girl complain on how she failed her first permit test. Anyways I was excited today in school cause after school I got a chance to go and take my permit test after school. Well I wasn't soo nervous until I got to the DMV. My heart was racing as fast a road runner and I forgot about the confidence that I had. And when I got my test in my hands I got nervous as heck. And while I was taking the test I read some of the questions and asked myself why on earth would the DMV put a question in there that doesnt make any sense?! Well it turns out that once I was done with my test I turned it in and I missed 10 out of 46. I thought it was passing at first then the lady told me I didn't pass and she said I needed 8 to pass. I was shocked and dissapointed and my dad told me I did well for a teen who didn't go to drivers ed. (California law states you can be 17 1/2 to take the permit only without any drivers ed but need to be 18 when you take the on the wheel test.) When I got my test back from the DMV I went back through the questions I missed and it turns out I MIS read the questions and they were all easy piece of cake questions. Is it just me or do any of you guys have this problem when taking a test or doing something important that makes you soo nervous you misread something?
  2. In my Leaving Cert (final exam in Ireland, like the SATs but more important since GPA and application essays don't count for getting into college here, only the LC result) I missed getting an A in Math because I simply DIDN'T SEE that Q1 had a (B) part to it. And I knew it was there, too; I'd done practice papers but I got so flustered by the exam that I obviously just rushed through and skipped it.

    My sympathies-- I'm 25 and haven't passed my test yet so I know how you feel. I got so dejected when I failed that I didn't bother taking it again and I haven't been behind the wheel in so long that my parents despaired of me ever learning to drive so dad bought me a car the week before last for motivation. :biggrin: (I applied for the test again last week, so it definitely worked!)

    Hopefully when you take it next time, you'll at least have a better idea of the environment and the types of questions you'll be facing and will have better luck?
  3. Don't feel bad... I failed my written test for my permit when I was 16, by ONE QUESTION!!! :push:

    It was pretty embarrassing, because I had drivers' ed at school and nobody failed their permit test. Plus I was an honors' student :p

    I had to retake it to get my driving permit and I did fine the second time. AND I ended up getting a perfect score on my road test when I went for my license. It's pretty funny, because I literally memorized the NJ drivers' handbook before my second test and to this day I remember all these obscure laws no one has heard of :lol:
  4. anez:

    Great that you got some motivation from your dad getting you a car. Oh well at least this isn't the end of the world for me. I still have three chances and next time when I take the test I will make sure to bring my lucky items which are my lucky lighter and lucky pocket knife. I know weird items to trust luck on. But that's how I passed my graduation exit exam.


    I missed some of my questions that were hard when I took it, but when I got my test back from being graded I felt like i needed to slap myself for missing such and easy question. Like for example #4

    You should use your horn when:

    A. Another vehicle is in your way
    B. It may prevent an accident
    C. Another drivers make a mistake

    I picked A cause when I read I thought it said "another vehicle is getting into your way" as in a car getting towards to hit you. I was just simply nervous and going too fast on the test.

    Thanks girls for replying back to my thread. I feel much better having to others going through the same or similar thing as I am.
  5. It was great motivation, yes! At the moment all I can do is drive around my parents' driveway when I go down to visit them (it has also been motivation to visit more often!) but I'm hoping to get my permit today or tomorrow so that I can take it out on the roads at least. :biggrin:

    Lucky items may seem silly, but if they make you feel more confident and at ease, you're more likely to do well even if they are unusual items. When's your next try?
  6. well I have to wait for a week and I plan to read the book over and over again till my week is up and I will make sure to get to the DMV earlier just to have more time on my test.
  7. eek. I haven't done mine yet, but i'll be doing the learners Permit test in mid-march, right after i turn 16. Then i spend two years on my learners (must have qualified driver in car at all times) before i get my P plates which i'm then on for another 3 years or so. The system is so complicated here in Australia!

    I'm stressing out, especially because i'm terrible under test conditions and non-one in my year at school has failed it yet! It'd be so embarassing if i was the first:p
  8. Sorry to hear you failed, but at least it sounds like you'll be able to do it next time as the question wasn't too hard. It's a simple mistake to make and I know how bad you can feel when you mess up over something stupid. I'd never read a question wrong in my entire school life, until the day of my actual Law AS level where I was predicted an A, then half the class (including me) read one question wrong and I ended up with a C (some ended up failing because of it). You can feel really gutted but you just have to remember it's not the end of the world - although it feels like it at the time. Good for you for starting to study up again, I wish you all the luck with it and your wheel test too!
  9. Don't worry I know people who failed like 4 times and they're great drivers!
  10. i am sure u iwll make it 2nd time.:tup:..
  11. Ah no worries.

    I failed the test like 3 times (and I'm a great student/driver).

    I got to the DMV - got nervous and over analyzed the questions which resulted in failure.

    I'm sure you'll do perfectly fine the next time around!:tup:
  12. you will do better the next time, just be confident and try not to get too nervous:smile:
  13. Aww, its ok. I failed it too the first time around and I missed by 1 question. I was so bummed, but I took it again a week later and passed with 100%. I'm sure you will do better the next time around.
  14. You'll pass this next time-- all the nerves and misreading of questions will be just first time jitters.
    Don't worry too much about it because you'll be driving in no time!
  15. aww. don't worry about it. when i took mine (years and years ago lol) i failed it as well. the only reason i passed was because my friend had failed hers all four times. back then there were only four different tests... i dont know how many there are now, but yeah. i just memorized all the test questions and answers. if it weren't for that i don't know how i would have passed! they word those questions so darn tricky and it sucks. better luck next time!
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