I faded my LV stamp -no big deal?

  1. I bought a new damier azur accesories pouch. I noticed the leather imprint where it says "Louis Vuitton Paris made in U.S.A." was dirty and rubbed off the dirt w/ baby wipes. The dirt came off and part of the imprint, " Louis Vuitton Paris made in U.S.A." came off as well. :crybaby:Do you think it's a big issue to worry about or should I just enjoy my bag? When I wear the pouch, you can't see the imprint anyways. :confused1:
  2. Ohhh I'm so sorry to hear that....maybe you can get LV to fix it???
  3. Does it bother you? If not, then you're fine.
  4. i personally wouldn't be bothered by it.
  5. I don't think it's a big deal. Just enjoy your bag.
  6. me too... i dont think id worry about it :smile:
  7. did you say the pochette was new? how can the baby wipes wipe the "made in USA" off? let me know !
  8. I wouldn't worry about it. Enjoy the bag! ;)
  9. Yes, my damier azur accesories pouch is new, less than 1 month of purchase. I think I wasn't careful and rubbed the imprint a little too hard, part of it came off.
  10. oh!!! don't worry about it! no one will see it apart from you!
  11. Ya I agree! I'm wondering too because I've used babywipes on the stamp area too, but the imprint's still there.... unless you rubbed REALLLLLLY hard...
  12. I rubbed hard enough to get the dirt off, the dirt did come off and so did the imprint. With this new bag, the imprint on it is kinda' light, including that red glaze on the straps of the bag too. Oh well I'll just have to enjoy my bag, no one knows except for me. :yes: I'll wait till' the leather darkens.
  13. red glaze on the straps? :confused1: where?

  14. Baby wipes are known to fade screening/patterns if they're rubbed too hard on the surface. This is a warning to all baby wipes users!! (I think the alcohol free ones are MUCH better...maybe less risky)
  15. Oh nothing wrong w/ the red glaze,or red lining on the straps, the color is just lighter than my other bags.