I Extended my Sunset Blvd with the new Chain extensions

  1. I thought this was kind of a cute option :smile: I bought two of the new LV "Chaine Anneau Cles Dore" and have attached them to my Pomme Vernis Sunset Blvd. for when I want a longer strap - just thought I'd share the pics with you.
    Extention444.jpg SunsetExtention.JPG
  2. How clever. You can now wear that cross body too!
  3. I've tried that too and it works well, thanks for pointing that out :smile:
  4. Thanks for sharing pics, Vista.....it's about time LV made something practical, like that extension !!!!
  5. Welcome :smile: Not sure if you can reverse it and have the circular part connect to the bag, I'll have to try that too next time I play with it. I also like that it gives me a couple long extensions if I get a pouchette -- I dont have any at the moment, but gives me a couple of reasons to :smile: - thanks for looking.
  6. Hi Vista,

    What a great idea! Can you tell me how long each extension is?
  7. Great idea :nuts:
  8. Sure, I measured one and from end to end its 12 inches.

    Also I reversed the chain so the round connector is attached to the bag, just so you can see the difference in look. It fits either way.
    Extender12inch.jpg ExtenderReversedWall.jpg ExtenderReversed.jpg
  9. Thanks!
  10. Thats a great idea! It's really sophie-ish now, with the two strap sizes. Even more reason to get a sunset boulevard (like I needed more temptation...)!
  11. great idea!
  12. thanks for sharing, it's a great idea!