I exchanged my white jumbo flap for a.....

  1. navy caviar flap!!!!!:yahoo: I bought the white flap bag at the last Saks egc event and while it is a GORGEOUS color it just sat in my closet. Too much $$$ to not be used. I love:heart: the navy! My pics probably will not do it justice. There is only one problem...I fell in love with the lux medium bowler in black......Arrgh! It never ends when you are addicted!:lol:
    purses 003.jpg purses 005.jpg
  2. Wow, very classy - I love it
  3. So cute!!! ;) Love the navy color!!
  4. Nice! Congrats!!!
  5. OMG!!!!!!!! LOVE IT....Enjoy it and wear it in good health
  6. wow great color! enjoy.
  7. very pretty, enjoy.
  8. I love the color! Congrats!! Very nice Bag!!
  9. Cool color! Very sophisticated :cool:
  10. I love the Navy flap. Navy is a color I don't see all that often and the color is just so luxurious.
  11. It's so beautiful in navy! Congratulations!
  12. Sooooo beautiful!!!
  13. Totally agree! It's a very classy colour :love: Congrats, take care of your new baby :shame:
  14. What a beauty! And that color is just lovely!!
  15. I love it! Congratulations on your new purchase, thanks for sharing!