I exchanged my sunglasses!

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  1. So 1/15/08 I bought my first Coach sunglasses at TJ Maxx, Lauren in Burgandy. Yesterday I went to a different TJ Maxx and found Coach Vail! I like these ones better! Same price of 59.99! Then I went to Nordstrom Rack and they had A LOT of coach sunglasses and they also come with the case and also for 59.99!! I know where I'm going next time! Oh and I bought some UGG boots originally 225 got them for 79!!! I'm so happy!!
    Coach Lauren Burgandy.jpg 3f1e_12.jpg
  2. That is a good deal on those sunnies!!!! Don't you want to keep both pair?:graucho:
  3. What a great deal, they are really nice!
  4. I really like the vail sunglasses. I went to try them on and they just didn't look good on me. I ended up getting the Jenny sunnies. I had to! They are my namesake!:roflmfao:
  5. Cute, congrats! And great deal on the UGGs too!
  6. I absolutely :heart: the vails! What a great price - congrats :tup:

    I cannot wait for our Nordstrom Rack to open :yahoo:
  7. Very nice but I confess, I'd be looking to keep both! I recently got my first pair of Coach sunglasses and I am hooked!