I exchanged my silk pattern scarf for....

  1. this beauty!! I could not resist! I am already planning on getting the matching shoes and maybe the wristlet. I just love this color blue and the flowers/little sequins add such a pretty touch!
  2. TOO CUTE!! i liked that too! except i stopped going after it because i realized i would just flip it over to the gorgeous blue, but that would defeat the purpose wouldnt it LOL
  3. Very cute@!
  4. So cute! Congrats.
  5. So cute! Love the sequins!
  6. thats so cute! Congrats and enjoy!!
  7. Becca I just bought that exact same scarf today. So you know I love it!
  8. That scarf is absolutely adorable...can I ask how much?
  9. Its so pretty Becca! I think I'm in love :heart:3
  10. Its still on the website for $48!
  11. Ooh, how are you going to use yours?
  12. I'm buying a blue bag (I had to order it because they didn't have it) from them it was a hobo with a brown strap. They had it tied on something else but I didn't like it with that. I'm also going to use it in my hair. I think the flowers and rhinestones give it a great flair!
  13. That blue is divine!!!

    I'd love to see pics as to how you wear it in your hair! I've been thinking about getting a coach scarf to pull my hair back with. I'm always looking for inspiration. :smile:
  14. owww....It's beautiful! :heart: I think it would look good on bags or in your hair! You should take a pic modeling it either on a bag or as a headband. About how long is it? Long enough to make it like a headband and have extra hanging down or just long enough to tie around a pony tail....? So cute! :biggrin:
  15. So cute