I Exchanged My Pce Purchase For Thiss!!

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  1. I finally went to the Coach store today and exchanged what I got with PCE!!

    I went without the receipt and they still did it for me!

    Question: I didn't get this with my own name and address, but if I did, do you think they still would have let me exchanged for different style? Once they type our name and address on the computer, can they see everything we've ever bought?

    alright enough questions!!!!!! time to show!!!!! :nuts:




    one more hint???


    (i don't know how to make the pictures bigger :Push: someone teach me please!)
  2. ooooh! Is it maybe a zip around wallet? Show, show:yahoo:
  3. French wallet?

  4. I am so curious!!!
    Well, for the pictures what I do is this:

    Just open an account on Flickr.com, upload the pictures there, and just copy and paste the pictures here. Very easy! :tup:
  5. hmmmmm
  6. :tumbleweed:

    I have been waiting over 2 hours...are you still there? Will yo u ever show us?????
  7. Not another no show! :sad:
  8. Aw, pictures!

    Off topic, but are you a chemist or do other work with chemistry? Your user name made me laugh :smile:
  9. :popcorn:

    I guess I will check back tomorrow! Another no show on a reveal...:police:
  10. Awww...where's the pics...looks like something blue.
  11. wow no picture??
  12. sadness
  13. Dang... where are the pictures?
  14. Hey now! Don't tease us like that!! Show what you got woman!! :back2topic:
  15. geez!!! still nothing?!?! whats the point?!