I exchanged my Bleecker checkbook wallet today

  1. I received this for my bday yesterday but when I put the wallet into my bag, the buckle kept catching on the little pockets inside of the bag and opening up. I thought I might get the Legacy checkbook wallet instead, but decided I really dont need that large of a wallet. I just carry some cards and money, never a checkbook. So I got this in Whiskey. Love it! And it matches so nicely w/my new tote - I'm very happy! and plus w/the return and a return of a scarf I never used, I wound up w/an $80 merch credit to add to my other $200, so I'm working my way up to a new spring bag!!
    whiskey wallet.jpg tote wallet.jpg
  2. yay.. it matches beautifully:tup:
  3. Sorry to hear you were having troubles with your bleecker checkbook.. I have the same one and I love it! But that new wallet matches great... good choice! :tup:
  4. Love the new wallet...it looks great with the tote!!
  5. Looks great, matches perfectly! LOVE all your other accessories too...the whole look is gorgeous!
  6. I love the french purse. It looks great with that bag.
  7. Thanks everyone! I really like the french wallet. I never really checked them out up close before, but I think I may have to get another color or two eventually!
  8. I considered the Bleecker checkbook wallet, too, but the snap closure just wasn't going to work for me. It opened too easily and was too hard to close! But I have a french wallet, and I love it. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to use anything else now!
  9. I have a Khaki Signature one I love!! You wallet looks great with your new tote!
  10. I love this wallet with your tote! They look great together! Congrats!