I exchanged my black besace SGH messenger for...

  1. ... a bag with the same color and hardware, different style. Here are pics. of my new giant hobo.

    I really love this style, it's so easy to wear. I found that the besace wasn't easy enough to wear cross-body and was a little bigger than I need. For a cross-body bag, the flat messenger style really works better for me.
    blackhobo1front.JPG blackhobo2back.JPG
  2. GORGEOUSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Love the color/hardware combo!!!:love::love::love: You have to show us a family picture now!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Beautiful!!!
  4. Great choice! I love that style too - it looks so easy to wear! Aren't all the black bags the best?!!
  5. congrats!!
  6. citychris - you did the right thing, if you love this style much more than the other. I like the combo black w/ SGH, looks gorgeous!! :yes:
  7. Nice!!! congrats!
  8. Wow, city, I really love your giant hobo! Any chance of modeling pics so that I get to see what this Bbag looks like worn cross-body?
  9. The giant hobo definitely can't be worn cross body...unless you're a pixie, I guess. ;)
  10. Gorgeous! I love this color combo :smile:
  11. Very pretty, congrats!
  12. This makes me seriously consider to get a Black BBag. I have other color BBags but not black. See what I missed?!
  13. Thanks for your nice words everyone!:smile:

    zacorey - I'll try to get a "collection" pic. (fairly small by PF standards). I keep it at 3 to 4 (currently at 3) -- I'm pretty ruthless about only keeping the Bbags I love the most and use regularly.

    monsoon - I was referring to wearing other messenger styles cross-body but will try to model this one as well (although there are some great pics. of other PFers wearing the giant hobo).

    handbagangel - Yes, it can feel hard to commit to black when there are so many great colors but I have the other colors I want the most and was ready for black. Also this is such a great, easy-to-wear style I wanted the color to be versatile (and to not worry about getting it dirty).
  14. Congrats girlie,:yahoo: i love the combo on this bag better.:tup:
  15. VERY NICE!!! The leather looks soft and thick..the color and hardware combo is cool!:supacool: CONGRATS!!!