I exchanged my avventura!! PICTURES OF MY NEW BAGS

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  1. soo I got my inferno BV with the tree on the frontttt and the paradiso stellina that i always wanted!!!!

    IM SUPER HAPPYYYYYYYY!!!!! :yahoo:

    but these are going to be my last bags

    btw, i don't know why but i fell in love with the blue flower on the back of my stellina!!! I love the color of ittttt!! it looks so cuteeee =)





  2. awesome! the pocket flaps on the stellina bother me a bit though :s
  3. lovin the inferno bv
  4. im ok with the flaps

    what i like the most is the 2 girls underneath the flaps!!!
  5. i like the left pocket & the top center though :smile:
  6. Congrats on your new bags!!! I'm glad you were able to exchange it!! Are you in :heart::heart::heart:? :graucho:

    The only negative thing about the stellina is I don't like velcro it always ruins my clothes & my gloves and it gets so grody :yucky: so I avoid it at all costs.
  7. lol is the candy one of your favourite characters?

  8. IM SOOOOOO IN :heart:!!!!!!!! yeaaa!! well i think im gonna switch to using leather gloves this year....

    but im scared i'll get the stellina dirty ><
  9. i'm so jealous of your inferno bv.. haha. it looks awesome!
  10. your inferno bv bag looks just like mines except my tree is placed a little higher...
  11. Congrats on your new bags, they are so adorable!

    I wish I could walk into my local store and pick up those beauties! I really envy you =)
  12. I like your inferno BV:drool:, but I am not into one of the stellina's pocket flap lol. :okay:
  13. Congrats, great bags!!!!

  14. Oh congrats on your bags! So jealous about the inferno!
  15. Congratulations!! They're both so cute :biggrin: