I encountered the RUDEST and DUMBEST SA today

  1. This morning I was in King of Prussia NM in the Chanel boutique. My husband and I were looking at bags, an SA approached me and I asked her if she had any denim cabas-she said "yes". I continued to ask her if I may see it and she said "Why? It looks like the bag you have on now in denim". I said "you have them in stock", and she said "yes" and I said again, "may I see one" and she caught an attitude with me and said she didn't know why I would want to see a big that looks like the one I am wearing. So I walked out.
    Stupid SA. I was going to purchase the last of the large multi pocket reporter bags in black she had as well as the cabas. I would have cancelled my order with Neimans Short hills and bought the bag right there. Dumba$$.:cursing: :cursing:

    I will never go there again while visiting that area. I had my husband with me, which would have been multiple purchases.
  2. her lost, I hate SA's like that. Why does it matter, if I want to look at a bag, do your job and show it to me, simple as that.
  3. what a lazy ass. she should find another job like working in a toll booth if she doesn't want to move.
  4. sorry.... I hate RUDE SA's I hope you still end up getting the bags you wanted
  5. WTF!
    what's wrong w/ her??!!!i would just remember her name and report it to the manager!!it's just so RUDE!

    i think they should get a manner lesson or something..i cant believe it!
  6. Good God! Did you contact her manager?! What the HELL is/was her problem? It is NOT her job to determine anything; it is her job to fetch and then ring up a sale if the customer so chooses. Gads. Customer service is SO going down the toilet.
  7. I would have taken my time to say something, but being with my husband who has no patience-we just left. I did however mention to get a remark out as we left-loud enough for her and the other sa to hear.
    My husband can't take that type of behavior, he is there to do business not have a conversation about what we are purchasing.
  8. and I was going to visit that KOP chanel boutique soon, too.... hope I don't end up with that particular SA or anyone else that rude....

    That is her loss... what a shame!
  9. My dh would have gone off on her if that had happened to us. He can't stand that at all.
  10. She's such an idiot! You should have reported her to management.
  11. I'm just thinking what her problem could be:

    1. She 's too lazy
    2. She actually wants the bag herself
    3. She's holding it for someone else
    4. She wants to be fired

    I pick option 4 :cursing:
  12. My immediate reaction was #2 or #3... :shrugs:
  13. Wow she is dumb lol..it was her loss..I would have asked to speak to someone else and would have complained.

  14. AMEN!!!:cursing:
  15. This seems to be an unfortunate trend in high end boutiques and department stores. Seems to be alot of threads with dissatisfied customers. Even if you complain to a manager or to corporate headquaters nothing is done. In most cases it seems they side with the SA. I am sure there are alot of SAs who are wonderful, but it seems the ones that aren't are becoming greater in number then they used to be. This is very sad for all of us who take joy in shopping and buying something we love. JMHO:sad: