I eat because I'm unhappy and I'm unhappy because I eat.

  1. Heh, thought a Fat Bastard (from Austin Powers) quote was appropriate for my title thread.

    Does any ever drown their sorrows in food? I've just been so depressed lately and have been eating like a mad woman. I feel so disgusting. Its really starting to show too, I always gain weight in my tummy.
  2. What's wrong AI? I think we all go through that. I wish I had the answer to stop doing that. For the last five or so years, just taking a bite or half of something that I don't need and stopping is what helps me.
  3. I tend to be more of a bored eater. When ever I am just sitting at home I always end up at the fridge.
  4. I'm quite guilty of doing this as well, eating emotionally.

    There was a quote that I read in a book about compulsive eating (I'll have to remember the name of the book), but it mentioned always taking a moment to think about why you were eating what you were eating -- or taking stock of your emotions before you ate something (i.e. Am I really hungry? Or am I feeling bored? Rejected? Sad? Ugly?, etc.)

    What's funny about this is that I did indeed lose some weight -- doing this makes you very conscious of what you're putting in your mouth and why -- but I felt more agitated about what I was feeling than anything I ate. Telling, no?

    Sparkpeople.com has some interesting resources on this.
  5. I have taken 4 pregnancy tests in the last 4 months because I have gained so much weight (and most it goes to my belly) so I can so relate!!

    I have a few books on compulsive eating. If I can find them in storage, I will send them to you. Geneen Roth is the author; she has written 3 or 4. The best one is called "Feeding the Hungry Heart".

    You are NOT alone!!!!
  6. I either eat a lot of can't eat at all.
  7. I'm the total opposite....... I goto the gym (i make myself go) and work it all out (no matter how sad i feel)... not only do i feel better afterwards, i tend to look better after awhile of doing it.

    Like last weekend, i was very emotional, but i took all of that out on the cardio machine :choochoo:... Afterwards, I was still sad, but i was more relaxed and calm about everything. And I felt good.

    I also know that certain foods affect my mood. For example, when I eat super healthy, i feel very energetic and hapy... opposed to when I eat bad, yea it was yummy at the time, but i tend to feel sluggish afterwards. I eat every two hours so I'm always eating too... but i just really watch what i eat.
  8. I do that more often than I'd like to admit

    and if i tell hubby he then is like why what do yopu have to be upset about

    which si sweet but there are things i jsut can't explain

    and then when i say that maybe i should go on medication besides anti-depressents he doesnt get what i'm thinking

  9. I do the same. I'm not exactly sure how my body and/or mind decides but I'm one or the other.
  10. Yah...I've problems with the bored eating thing too...its like...you try so hard to stop but your arm just overrides your brain. Gah!
  11. Bored eating is definitely something I fall into - especially at university, I feel like my whole day revolves around when I actually finally get to eat !!

    But yes, the Fat Bastard quote is most appropriate. I'm trying to lose my jelly though - I figure all that suffering on the treadmill will be worth it !
  12. i'm a boredom eater, and to a lesser extent, an emotional eater. i've paid the price for it, and the only way that i've found around it is to not allow yourself to have bad food around. i don't buy stuff that i'll feel bad about after i've eaten it. that way, even if i am bored, i'll eat some baby carrots or some granola or something instead of an entire pack of chips ahoy. it works about the same, plus then you don't gain weight. i've lost almost 40 pounds in the last year that way, so it can be done!
  13. I do this, too. Whenever my life is uneven in some way, when something's missing or I'm overloaded I start to comfort eat (and put weight on my belly). I find that if I can at least limit myself to foods that are healthy and/or lighter in calories and fat I can minimize the ill effects. But then those haagen dazs bars start just appearing in my shopping basket. Ugh.

  14. OMG, this is me. I have been involved in some MAJOR family crisis in the past two weeks, I have been eating chocolate and other junk food like there is no tomorrow. It's disgusting and I get really down on myself.

    I know I'm using food as a drug, and it really doesn't make me feel better, my clothes just quit fitting is all. :crybaby:

    :wtf: :yucky: :censor: