I eat 33,000 calories a day.

  1. Hey did anyone see that documentary on TLC a few days ago? It was really scary that food can become an addiction. But even scarier was that seeing them eat made me "hungry" and I went and got a snack. Brie and crackers. I'm nuts! :wtf:
    My problem is that my meals are healthy and my snacks aren't. So I end up sabotaging myself.
    So does anyone have healthy snack ideas? I don't want to end up 750 lbs like some of those poor folks on that show.
  2. If you want some advice, give us some more info on yourself. What do you eat in one week (keep a food journal), how much exercise do you do in that week (specifics like ran 2.5mi on a treadmil at 1 % incline and then did squats with bicep curls at 5lb weights), what is your current weight, and what are your goals?
  3. Healthy snacking is easy... but you need to make sure in your meals you are getting protein, carbs, and fruits and veggies.

    For snacks, try some nuts (not peanuts preferabbly, but a handful of almonds is good), some whole grain crackers, fruit, veggies with hummus, a powerbar of sorts- my pick is Luna Bar
  4. I saw this and I could relate on some level. I was diagnosed with a chronic illness where I could not work out and I was virtually bedridden most of the day. I gained over 30 pounds in a year!! First problem was my calorie intact stayed the same, and my activity level decreased. Then depression/boredom/grief over my new limitations took over, so I turned to "comfort food," which did make me feel good, but made me gain weight. I was always treating myself or trying to cheer myself up by eating my favorite foods. That program, although showing the absolute extreme, kind of shocked me in terms of knowing you could have such an out of control addiction. It was really sad.

    For me, I am able to exercise now, eating healthy and limit my "comfort eating" until when I really need it.

    Moderation and size portion is always key-so I try to only eat little bits of sweets at a time. I also eat popcorn/sweet pineapple slices as a late night snacks/or special k cereal with the chocolate bits.:drool: You can also put little bits of chocolate shavings in the hot popcorn bag to have a low calorie sweet/salty snack. Once last thing to cut down on my cravings for snacks between meals is juice fruit and vegetables together and drink about a quart during the morning. For some reason that curbs my appetite and cravings. My favorite mix is: zucchini, green apples, carrots, and red seedless grapes. Yum.:wlae:
  5. I'm trying more to eat less of cookies, crackers, and chips.. and replace snacking with fruits.
  6. I saw this on TLC too..It was a little bit disturbing.
    For snacks I like fruit...I haven't touched junk food/fast food for a long time.
  7. When we were younger, my brother, cousins and I were watching one of those tv movies about anorexia nervosa, and we found that we were making up for the calories she wasn't eating.
  8. I watch these shows often, I saw this one, but only the first half and fell asleep.
    They have the opposite effact on me. . . I get so disturbed my the sever indulgence they are demonstarting and I actually lose my appetite, I have almost gotten sick once from watching one of these documentaries:sick:

    But I still watch them, they're fascinating.
  9. Wow! Thanks for all the good suggestions. I'm definitely going to try them.
    Batgirl, you really made me think about what I want to accomplish. I did WW about 4 years ago and it worked in regards to weight loss, but I wasn't as fit as I wanted to be and I slowly put all the weight back on.
    I'm 5'6 and 141 lbs, which is not obese or overweight by BMI standards, but the main thing is that my body composition has changed. I used to be a lot more toned than I am now. My natural spoon shape is more of a ladel these days. :hrmm: So that's my basic goal: I want to be a toned spoon again.
    I go to the gym on average 1-2x/week: 30 minutes of brisk walking 4.5 mph at a 2" incline, stretching then about 50 sit ups in different positions. My weight training is sporadic. I also take a bellydancing class and a pilates class because I really don't like the gym (it gets boring).
    My meals aren't especially fattening. I eat total cereal with 2% milk for breakfast, a lean cuisine for lunch and pasta for dinner. I get carry out about 3x/week (sushi or indian for the most part). I drink diet beverages or water. Its my snacks that mess me up. They're usually carbs, cheese or chocolate. I think it negates the little bit of exercise I get so I'm trying to zero in on that for now.
    I know I need to eat fewer carbs, more veggies, less sugar, and do more resistance exercise. I'm thinking about getting a nutritionist or a trainer, because I'm not making much progress on my own.
    If you got to the end of this rambling, I commend you!:shame:
  10. YES YES YES this could be me!

    If your problem is portion control and most people thats 50% of the battle, put a bag of almonds (or whatever healthy snack) into 1 service size "snack" ziplocks the second you get them and promise to never, ever eat 2! It takes being mindful to know your portion size, and honest to not cheat, but these kinds of snacks can actually help you lose weight in the long run :jammin:
  11. Make sure you keep High Frutose Corn Syrup and hydro fat away from your diet!!! You know how it takes energy to digest food before you absorb it? HFCS can be absorbed directly by your body. Hydro fat, of course, you've heard enough :smile:
  12. i saw the documentary on tlc as well! it freaked me out, and i lost my appetite that night. i felt badly for all of the obese people they profiled. i agree with what has been said, and only have this to add/emphasize: drink lots of water and moderation is key! also, fruit juice is something i use to replace a snack, because it fills me up when i'm not so hungry and has more flavor than just water.
  13. I think for dinner you need some protein and a veggie... and you can still have some whole wheat pasta, or try a baked potato/sweet potato or brown rice. You may be snacking so carb heavy because you are not getting enough protein throughout the day :yes:

    For breakfast, would you try oatmeal or ever switch it up with eggs and whole grain toast?

    Just some suggestions! Sounds like you have a pretty good plan!

  14. Megs is right. I noticed that when I eat more carbs than protein during the day, I feel hunger faster and tend to reach for more carbs, but when I eat more protein during the day, I don't get as hungry later and make better choices for dinner. I also don't feel the urge to snack.
  15. :yes: Just reading 33,000 calories made me feel ill.

    It might be a good idea to take a little longer in the grocery store to discover new healthy snacks. Just try reading labels of things that look relatively healthy. If you can substitute any of this with fruit it would help...and overall try to keep all unhealthy snacks out of the house except the ONE thing you can't live without and try to be conscious of portions when you do indulge.