I e-mailed ebay then they suspended my account!

  1. Oh boy am I mad with eBay.

    I Tried to list a genuine LV item last week but for some stupid reason I had restrictions on my account and could only put LV in the title and not Louis Vuitton, I followed ebays suggestions and took the vero quiz and also got my paypal account verified.

    Then I still cant change my auction despitebeing told this is what I needed to do so I e-mailed them.

    Next thing I know they have suspended my account saying its linked to another account in a different country!

    I sent them a stroppy e-mail regarding this and they now tell me I have to sign papers to say I wont violate their rules and send proff of my contact details!

    I told them I did this for paypal and Im not doing it again and to please remove my account.

    GRRRRRRRRRRRRR has any one else had this?
  2. What a mess! I've heard of other people being asked to sign something stating they won't sell fakes (even though their items are authentic). I think you're doing the right thing by refusing to sign and deleting your account. It's a drastic measure, but if enough people do it, maybe eBay will have incentive to take steps against the real "bad guys" instead of the seemingly random policy of enforcement they currently have. Good luck!
  3. Yep. I signed, faxed back and they suspended me anyway. Its ALL a bunch of bull.
  4. I completely understand that you're angry. That is so unfortunate.:wtf:
  5. oh no!
    sweetheart! that is miserable!
    they are SUCH a pain to deal with!

    Good luck with their insanity! I know you don't engage in counterfeits, so its so frustrating to be spearheaded by eBay for possibly doing so or 'infringing'. (their new fav word. don't you love it!)


  6. worst bit is theres an item listed I really want! (sure you can guess what it is) hehe.
  7. That's insane!!