I dyed my Hermes scarf and I am thrilled!!!!

  1. my camera is at work but here is a bit of the story:
    hardly wore my gorgeous blue/bright green/black/white/navy 90 cm plisse scarf
    (i ironed out the plisses- before pix are somewhere here, lordy, lordy, if i know where!)

    could not find an H scarf in shades of browns/chestnuts/greys/black
    shudder to think, but i even looked at Loro, Gucci, Brooks Brothers (love their Jean trouser by the way), bla, bla bla...i was desparate!!!

    Not for the faint of heart:
    1. hand bleached in sink.
    2. ran thru delicate cycle in wash bag with the new clorox sensitive bleach.

    3. made some strong espresso (tea is too weak- i used that to dye a white lace cardigan) on the stove (the sicilian in me), and let H soak for apx 2 hours.

    4. rinse with ivory baby in sink... (not the the actual baby, lol, but the liquid in tepid H20)

    5. let air dry overnite.

    6. took large stainless bowl, set in in my stainless sink (easy to remove color from stainless).

    7. emptied one full packet of RIT dark brown dye with room temp water, jsut enuf to cover scarf after emersed. gently stir and turn using wooden spoon/ rubber tipped tongs, and stainless meat pounder (for dying purposes only) to keep scarf from floating to top. i do this for 10 minutes constanatly, then once every half hour for about 2-3 hours.

    8. gently rinse, then put in wash machine on gentle warm/cold with extra rinse.

  2. Oh my god..... you are one brave woman!

    Looking forward to pictures...
  3. YIKES!! What a brave person you are (and talented too)!!! I can't wait to see the final results!
  4. Holy smokes! You are brave! Looking forward to seeing the final results!
  5. arcangel, I'd never do that in a million years...but as long as it came
    out the way you wanted it to, then it's all good.

    I can't wait to see your pictures too. :smile:
  6. you got some balls...lol i would love to see the before and after pics...im glad it came out good!
  7. And I thought I would try some wild things...... WOW.
  8. Can´t wait to see pics!
  9. WOW you are brave!!!

    but did you remember to put a color fastener in? (i cant remember is RIT dyes have them already in it or not) because if you didn't on the next wash the ink will run and come out! Fingers crossed
  10. OMG - you dyed the scarf yourself??? You are defintely a brave person - I'm curious to see the results.
  11. Angie, having seen your other handiwork up close, I can only imagine that this is yet another masterpiece. Can't wait to see it irl!
  12. I'm scared but excited to see your results. Ditto-ing all who say you is a brave woman
  13. ^^^ way to go - gutsy! Can't wait for the pics!
  14. I love how you just go for it... nothing is so precious that you won't experiment... you go girl!!
  15. oh dear lord.. you are one brave soul..

    I almost faint reading the title!