I dun know why...I felt so embarrassed...

  1. I also went to Michigan Ave today to purchase a Furla bag(50% off), so I carried my new speedy 30 (finally using it again). I was so happy that I could carry it on the Michigan Ave, but the feeling was only lasting for a moment. I was totally feeling embarrassed after I finishing shopping. Why? I was waiting for signal lights (you know that there is a signal light for each block on the Michigan.) I stopped for few times and there were like 4-5 women/girls carrying speedy 25/30 (real/fake) around me. I just felt so embarrassed at that moment and I couldn't control the feeling. I still like my speedy 30, but I start to think "is it worth to have?" Could someone come in and convince me that I didn't buy a wrong bag? (and that's why I am thinking to buy something to hang off my speedy) :push: :sweatdrop: :shrugs:
  2. I don't see many LV where I live but even if I did it wouldn't worry me.Enjoy your LV because YOU like it. I actually love seeing LV's with other people as they are beautiful bags to look at and I think look totally different depending on the person and what they are wearing etc anyway.:yes:
    If you're worried about it, like you said get a small accessory to put on your bag or what about a pretty scarf or bandeau which will make your bag look unique?
  3. You know...I posted something similar to this in the handbags forum. Believe me, I HATE it when I see someone who has the same handbag as I do. It's gotten so bad, that I only carry my petit bucket to work...and my pap goes almost everywhere with me anywhere else (since it's the older model, I can carry that around). Hence, I've always been attracted to styles that aren't very popular (i.e., the Noe)

    But you know...if you really love your bag, you shouldn't care what other people have. I know I'm a hypocrite for saying this....as I find this too difficult to follow through! :sad:
  4. Actually, it was funny lol. I knew they were eying my bag too, so we were like :sneaky:. I heard one girl who carried 25 said "why dose everyone carry a speedy?" to her bf in Mandarin. Yes, Slayer it's a lovely bag, so everyone wants it, and I'm definitely going to dress her a bit. :yes:
  5. HAHA i love that smiley!!! lol!

    but yeah i know what you mean, thats why i go for the more subtle lv bags such as something from the epi or the vernis. =]
  6. Well I think that if you love your speedy and it looks good then everyone was looking at you because they're just jealous that you looked better with it! :biggrin:
  7. You shouldn't be embarrassed at all! Real speedys are hot and you rock your real one! I know what you mean tho, I'm always embarrassed to show my parents my new lv because my mom always has something to say and I can just tell my dad is silently thinking "What a waste of money", my mother however, has no problem saying it outright and telling me that it's to "girly" well I'm gay mother! get over it! :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. Don't be embarassed! You have a great bag and I agree, dressing her up a bit will personalize her more and make her more unique ;)
  9. please, please, please, don't care about other people carrying real/fake. carry your speedy proudly and feel confident about it. if you keep thinking about those ladies and speedies found everywhere, that makes you insecure. be secure and feel happy!:yes:
  10. i won't care, what other people think and use

    the thing really matter is, you like it, you can afford it, so be proud of it
  11. you love your Speedy, you rock your Speedy. Adding something to it will be nice, but don't ever feel bad for using it!
  12. I wish more people carried LV where I live. I feel right at home when I am shopping on the street in my city with the LV store because I see so many great designer bags, and love to see all the women with various LV bags and how they wear them!
  13. I was at a couple of airports today (LA to JFK) and saw 3 women with damier luggages, 4 or 5 keepalls (1 was checked and banging around the baggage belt:wtf:), 1 mono mini keepall (?), cabas alto, and 2 backpacks on my flight. I had never noticed LV luggages before today...

    In LA, I went to the supermarket and saw 4 speedy's, 1 noe, and a few cabas bags.

    (not mentioned are a bunch of fakes too)

    but they all looked good...lots of ppl traveling in style! It did look a bit repetitive when this one family(?) was standing together each with their LV mono bag/luggage.:s almost like the sound of music children traveling with the same uniform.
  14. It's a great bag. Use it with enthusiasm.
  15. Please do not feel this way. Just enjoy your speedy. I use the orange groom ronde or the orange mono perfo cles as bag charms.