I dun know what to choose...Batignolles?? or???

  1. :s:sI went to LV shop today to get a NEW bag...
    but problem was which one I should get..
    Curently I have speedy30 ,pochette in mono and damier cles at the moment for LV. I sold twin pm and papillon 26 in damier at eBay last time since I never use them..

    I saw small Batignolles and that was soo cute and I think its useful bag,inside was really big..but damier speedy25 was soo cute as well.

    End up I couldn't get anything because can not decide which one I really want.. SA said get Batignolles since i have mono speedy...

    Is damier really not that popular???
    Also i went to Gucci shop and found small canvas tote bag with charm attached... and this made me more confused....:s:s:s

    LV Batignolles looks classic but Gucci tote is also classic.....
    ARRRRHHHHHHH~~~~~ dun know what to do....

    Is there any other bag I can get or which one I should get??????
    Pls help me.....I really want to get my new bag and carry around...:push::push:
  2. Batignolles easy to use.. and look gorgeous..!!
    Damier speedy also chic.. but i cheer Batignolles