I dun know what to choose...Batignolles?? or???


Jan 2, 2007
:s:sI went to LV shop today to get a NEW bag...
but problem was which one I should get..
Curently I have speedy30 ,pochette in mono and damier cles at the moment for LV. I sold twin pm and papillon 26 in damier at ebay last time since I never use them..

I saw small Batignolles and that was soo cute and I think its useful bag,inside was really big..but damier speedy25 was soo cute as well.
End up I couldn't get anything because can not decide which one I really want.. SA said get Batignolles since i have mono speedy...

Is damier really not that popular???
Also i went to Gucci shop and found small canvas tote bag with charm attached... and this made me more confused....:s:s:s

LV Batignolles looks classic but Gucci tote is also classic.....
ARRRRHHHHHHH~~~~~ dun know what to do....

Is there any other bag I can get or which one I should get??????
Pls help me.....I really want to get my new bag and carry around...:Push::Push:
I love both the Batignolles (any of them, but especially the horizontal) and the Damier Speedy is nice too. I know a lot of the people on TPF love the Damier, but I seldom ever see them in real life. I use mine for rain, but not quite as in love with it as my mono speedy. Are you talking about the Gucci signature tote in brown? If so, it wears really really well. Which style of the tote caught your eye?
Yeah i think so...I see heaps more in Mono than Damier..
Im talking abt small tote bag but not in brown handle...I saw white handle today..:yes::yes::yes: That one was sooo cute and I think this one will go with everything like LV mono..... I attached link for u..;);) Gucci
That is my favorite one of the Gucci Totes - it will wear very well too, has a cute charm. My Gucci doctor bag is the same material. I have had it over 20 years and it is an absolutely wonderful bag. I think in this case I would pick the Gucci (and I absolutely love LV).