I dug and dug and dug and dug at the NYC sample sale...what did I find? OMG!

  1. There was still tons of stuff left! Looking for color, I ended up with four gorgeous items that astonished even me! What do you think it is??:shrugs:
  2. There was a beautiful pale green croc agenda....

    (nope, didn't get it!)
  3. There was a beautiful red lizard wallet!

    (nope, didn't get it)
  4. They had beige crocodile sandals in size 38.5

    Nope, didn't get those either. Wanted to, though.

    Here's what I took home!

  5. So much for adding color! lol

    Barenia globe trotter folio with credit card slots (really for a man but I like it)
    natural chamonix agenda (I don't know the size but it's about 5x7) and has a pen holder on the side which I love)
    Gold gloves with palladium silver double wrap wrist straps (these are my favorite!)
    And a constance belt with gold buckle and noir/havanne strap!

  6. you scored, babe--congratulations!!
  7. They are all sooo yummy I wanna eat them up :drool:! Congratulations!
  8. So classic. SO gorgeous! What a great haul, Congrats!
  9. You really did well! They are all just gorgeous.
  10. Thanks, Saligator and fashionista!
    I had to share the H love. Couldn't contain myself!

    I was surprised that the only bag I recognized was the garden party. They had a ton of big and small orange garden party bags, tons of mini black and mini orange GPs, and a yuumy all-leather GPs in a nice deep reddish/ebene color (might have been something slightly different, I don' tknow that much about GPs) with a cute orange twilly on each one.

    There were tons of coats, even a ladies croc short jacket that was gorgeous but probably size 0! :crybaby:

    A lot of shoes and boots, but mostly size 38.
    Still loads of scarves all sorted by color. I would have bought at least four but I was almost over my buget (insert another sad face here!) so I had to restrain myself.

    All in all, a good day!
  11. What wonderful finds! Hermes gloves are the best! Enjoy them!
  12. Thanks, all. I really did have to dig. I breathed down one girl's neck until she put the red lizard wallet down but then discovered I didn't like it, no coin purse! ha. oh well!
  13. I love everything you got today !!! Congrats !!
  14. Fabulous haul, sophie! I love the timeless look of all of your items and can't decide which one I like best. :shrugs: But--I know I never could have passed up that red lizard wallet if I had been lucky enough to find one. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  15. Wow! All that digging was certainly worth it! What a beautiful haul!