I dreamt of Tokidoki

  1. Woke up this morning after dreaming of Tokidoki. (Yes, I know, I need help :nuts: when I am even dreaming of buying bags--and this isn't even the first time I've dreamt of Toki while sleeping this week:weird:--but at least it's free to dream!)

    Anyway, I dreamed they released a solid color hot pink (color of Amore interior lining) with Amore print inside. I remember getting a Zucca and adoring it. I don't suppose they have any plans of releasing any of the bags in a bright pink solid color... :shrugs:

    But it just looked sooo cool in my dream, I had to share. I was sad to wake up this morning. I'm not much for the solid colored bags, but I know I would not be able to resist a bright pink one.:rolleyes:

    Does anyone else have dreams about Toki? Or I am just way too obsessed?:wacko:
  2. I had a few before I got my bag and before I bought the other bag. You're not crazy, people dream about things they think about alot during the day, makes sense.

    You hot-pink bag sounds totally cool, an amore lining! :heart:
  3. yeah, the same color as the little pink haired girl on paradiso! I have a campeggio coming I hope tomorrow...with little pink haired girl on it several times from what April told me at the seattle outlet. I can't wait to see how it looks.:love: She's also sending me an inferno campeggio...which I can't wait to see IRL. She said it has mummy & pizza devils on one flap, blue soccer devil on the other (that wasn't a request of mine but it will remind me of my buddy!) and the tree scene on the back! Oh, and hot dog devil up above the flaps!

    I don't think I've been dreaming about tokis...because I think about them all day long! But toki dreams would be really nice. I rarely remember my dreams...so I could actually be having them....

    Let's hear other toki dream stories!
  4. I think you will really love your inferno campeggio. I have that bag and I think the style really works for the print. One of my favorite bags.
  5. I love my Inferno Campeggio bag. I agree with Blackwidow that the print works well with Campeggio's style. Sometimes the pockets on the Campeggio and Stellina can interfere with the print design, but not so with Inferno. Congrats Annie! I hope this Paradiso Campeggio works out for you!
  6. Yeah, I think you're right!!! Once I saw vmasterz "stash" photo on tpf that was it! I was hooked!:love: I told her "I gotta have one just like that! :wtf: ....and of course she wasn't givin' it up.:p ...so then I called Seattle one more time (because I knew I wasn't calling SH!) to ask again if they had any because before they didn't...and April said "no....but wait a minute...they're showing up in inventory at our storage unit!" So she went out there later that day and dug through all of them called me very excited that she'd found more inferno campeggios AND paradiso campeggios! (Which I'd been told they were out of a couple of weeks ago and only SH had them....which then created that long drama...) So...in the end....April found me both my heaven & hell campeggios :heart: :supacool: and I felt like it was meant to be! She made it happen for me and she made me love tokis again!:flowers: Wait....maybe I shouldn't thank her for that!:lol:
  7. The paradiso looks like it would work for the campeggio style as well. I know I had contemplated on getting one when there was a fantastic one I saw on eBay but I already have it in a bella.
  8. phew, i'm not the only tokidoki dreamer! :shame:
    mine was more of a nightmare though... i ended up buying 3 tokidoki bags, and the print placement turned out REALLY funky, and it wasnt returnable! boy was i happy to wake up.
  9. :lol: :lol: :lol: I lived that nightmare! I posted it on this forum last week! But I'm hoping mine will have a happy ending....I found what I hope is a pretty one from nicer people at a different outlet store! At least the whole process was pleasant!:supacool: That's gotta make me appreciate the bag more! Especially since its non-returnable!
  10. welcome to the toki dream club! hehe!

    OMG! i would DIE!!!! if they had hot pink solid color bags! i swear, id buy them all! :nuts:
  11. Dude, I have very memorable dreams of Tokidoki!