I dream purses...

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  1. I've been going through some purse blog withdrawl, so I spent most of my day yesterday playing catch up and yearning for more new purses. So I went to bed and what did I dream of??? Which purse to buy! I literally had several different purse buying dreams. All were about which color Balenciaga to buy. I know I can't be alone in this and wanted to share!
  2. Hehe last night I dreamt I bought a speedy ...now I'm craving one :shame:
  3. You are not alone! Every once in awhile I will dream about purses. My most recent one was of a LV speedy 25.:shame:.
  4. :lol:

    Which color did you decide on in the dream? :biggrin:
  5. I dream about them sometimes :love:
  6. Cristina,

    I really want the cognac (first choice), black, or rose pink in either the twiggy, city, or first. I've only seen one in person, so I can't say which style I would like best. Now I know why I'm having so many purse dreams!
  7. lol when i got a mani-pedi the other day, the color i chose is exactly the same as the LV fuschia vernis, right down the the bluish undertones and shimmer. i didn't even realize it until i had it on, lol. the choice was completely subconcious but it's EXACTLY the same. we're kind of a pathetic lot sometimes, aren't we? hehe.
  8. The cognac is one of the new colors, right? It's a pretty color :love: I was just at ateliernaff looking at the 3 new color swatches for spring (love the emerald!).

    I like all 3 styles! I have an apple green first and I really love it. It fits everything I have with room to spare. The twiggy is a really unique shape in my opinion :biggrin:

    When are you thinking about buying? You have to post pictures! I'm thinking my next bag will be a twiggy or city :nuts:
  9. I saw the cognac in person today--really beautiful--much richer looking than the swatch. The emerald is enticing as well. The orange wasn't available where I was, and the only style was the First. Fortunately I want a City bag next, or one of those new colors would have come home with me!

    I dream purses, too. A lot. If there is a particular one I am lusting over, it captures a lot of dream space, and often in strange contexts. I could be dreaming about running with my dogs, and then, all of a sudden, there's the bag I want!
  10. I dream about purse I'm bidding on or purse I'm thinking of getting in the store.
  11. You're not alone. I dream of a First or a City everynight. I want one in Ink.Two weeks... Two weeks.. *sigh*
  12. I really want the cognac color now! But then again I think I don't have a new black bag... Ack! I guess it all depends on availability.
  13. hehehe, me too i've been wondering how you all are - ive been away all weekend!!! yes totally dreaming of dior gaucho!!! weee heee!
  14. Nope, you're not alone. First, I had the Balenciaga City Bag dream...then the Chloe Silverado Satchel dream. Lately, the dreams have been about LV. *SIGH*:lol:
  15. I tend to find that my day dreaming is about purchasing something, usually bags. It is so weird because I think about bags unconsciously when I'm out everyday. I look at nearly every persons bag that I walk by...