I Dream of Chateau...

  1. Hi ALL,

    Well it seems that since im NOT currently IN LOVE with any of the New L.A.M.B. pieces I have decided to OBSESS over Old School Lux pieces in “Chateau”. YES, your thinking like im thinking, FOOLISH Girl where in the world are you going to SCORE all of these classic pieces...thats just it, seems I LIKE to TORTURE myself and have tons of regret for NOT picking these things up when I had them in my hands. :pout: UGH, Rahnon why do you do this?!?!?!?!?

    ...so the SEARCH is on :search:

    Thank you in advance to Amy at LambCollections.com, Cheryl for her amazing pictures and any other LAMB I “BORROWED” photos from
    lux2-3comp.jpg lux4-43comp.jpg lambchateauclutch.jpg lux3-14comp.jpg helen3.JPG
  2. ...Last BUT NOT least
  3. ...and if anyone would like to POST a picture of a Chateau or two or three from your Personal Collection, PLEASE feel FREE to TORTURE me some MORE :p

    ...PLEASE ;)
  4. Hi Boo!

    So it doesn't matter what print the Chateau is in? I think I posted a Saddle one in the deals thread a week or so ago....lemme check...
  5. Oh shoot...I don't see it on Bonanza anymore.

    Don't worry....we will find you one...or two!
  6. :graucho:

    GOT THAT one...and funny thing is, Im pretty sure the seller is the girl that I gave the Rasta Montego to at the Sample Sale. I sent her an email saying hello :lol:

    ...a Cheetah and Lipstick Saddle would be AWESOME!!!! But let me make SURE I really LOVE it once I get it in my "I tend to change my mind" little hands ;)
  7. .....DUH!!!! Its too early for me before work....you know I NEED FULANI in the Chateau!!!

    I dont even wanna START on how I have had the FULANI in Chateau in my hands at TWO DIFFERENT sample sales and put it back UGH :crybaby: Why didnt I know then what I know NOW :cry:

  8. I believe I saw a lipstick chateau on eBay yesterday...
  9. Thank you LOVE. I saw that BUT I think the price is too high for the condition its in...:girlsigh:

  10. Oh my gosh, that's funny! How great that these classic gems are staying in the Lambie family. :p Congrats on snagging your first Chateau...the first of many to come I'm sure!
  11. Thank You
  12. no pictures :shucks:

    people PLEASE...dont let me go back into the COLLECTIONS thread and start calling out names :graucho:

    ....GUESS its on you Rad to SHOWCASE the AMAZING Rasta Chateau thats coming your way :cloud9::love: DREAMY
  13. okay I went back a little and NO Chateaus....:thinking: whatsup with that, hmmmmm

    so it looks like the following people are off the hook cause I just :ninja: SPYED :ninja: some Collection photos:

    Mark (you are on a roll. LOVE it)
    Blissa (ummm that Rasta Eton is 2DIE4)
    Lori (you have EVERYTHING. OMG :smile: cant believe NO Chateaus. Would LOVE an opinion from you...)
    Allicat (The Official Alston Queen :worthy:smile:
    Robot (I emailed you many moons ago. SORRY we didnt get in touch)

    ...I could go on with names BUT I just got in from work and want some DINNER....

    ...if your NEW dont be AFRAID to POST or COMMENT would LOVE some Feedback on the Chateau. Thank you
  14. YUP still DREAMING...

    did MORE homework and ALL the Chateaus I found in Collections were either Saddle or LS Saddle.

    This is a picture I "borrowed" from Miss November
  15. ....AND I did see a picture of Rads RASTA Chateau and :cloud9::love::heart::nuts::woot::drool::faint: is ALL I have to say