I dream in Hermes

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  1. Last night I dreamt that I bought 2 Hermes bags for £845 (wtf?). I remember feelin that I ought to buy them because I was in the shop (how & why are still a mystery...) and panicking over how I would be able to pay for them.

    I remember, quite vividly, that they were white and sky blue leather, both across-the-body type bags... with beige dust jackets. Of course, dreamland means they simply MUST have been Hermes bags, haha! ;)

    Don't remember getting to leave the shop with them...

    Had to share because it's one of the few dreams I've had recently where I know exactly what it's about!!! Right, I'm off to browse some catalogues before bed... :love:
  2. Hanbag dreams are always fun.
  3. I hate handbag dreams :biggrin: I had one the other night! A bag that I've been newly obsessed about was actually in my hands. The bag is not even out yet! It sucks!
  4. I lovee dreaming about bags, totally beats nightmares!
  5. Hilarious. I don't dream about handbags but I cannot get the Hermes Constance off my mind. I seriously "visit" the thread everyday to look at the photos. Sad.
  6. Once I dreamed I had a whiskey Chloe paddington Satchel. It was such a great dream.:love:

    lol, never wanted to share that with anyone though!