I don't want to...

  1. Go back to school!!! :hysteric:

    I'm starting my first day of University (in Engineering...ohhhh) tomorrow and while I'm a little excited for the change from high school to University, I don't want to go back!!

    University = lots of homework, reading and studying = less free time = less looking at LV and less time on TPF! I guess the only good thing is less time looking at LV = less money spent.

    Am I one of the last students here to start school? I'm surprised we're starting this late. I had orientations last week but those don't count.

    I'm going to miss you guys :crybaby:
  2. Hey, I found that I spent most of my time while at school on tPF, so don't fret. :graucho:

    School's not so bad, I figured out exactly how to coast in first and second year, and I pretty much slept through the last two ! :yes:
  3. LOL I was the same way, I didn't get my act together until teachers college!
  4. woohoo engineering! engineering represent!

    it is kinda late...I just started last Thursday, so not so long ago either...it kinda sucks, b/c I end up getting out like 2-3 days before Christmas...

    and you're right: less looking at LV = less money spent during school...and then that equals lots more to spend all at once during winter break!
  5. :lol: :lol: I have yet to develop the Engineering spirit...
  6. Lol...this is my 3rd week now. But I guess it isn't that bad because we have a Starbucks on campus and I'm only 5 minutes from my LV store. :heart:

    For me, the change from H.S. to college (university) wasn't that huge..just a different campus. I seem to actually have LESS homework, but more studying and larger assignments due. They're mostly essays that are due but I like writing so I don't mind them. :yes:

    Do keep visiting here when you can though!
  7. You aren't the only one who started late. I just started last Tuesday. What kind of Engineering field are you going into? I'm going into Computer Engineering. Future FBI Computer Analyst? :shrugs: :roflmfao:

    Luckily, there's a Starbucks a minute and a half away and the Galleria just 10 mins. down the road. Going to pick up Nick the Panda Cles on Tues!!! :yahoo:
  8. Don't worry! I just entered my fourth year in university and I still read the forum all the time hehe
    Homework schmowork:smile:
  9. Right now, I'm split between Chemical Engineering and Oil & Gas Engineering. I need to do well in order to get into Chem Engg but I need to do extremely well in order to get into Oil & Gas Engg because only about 16 people per year (out of the 750 first year students) get in (required GPA estimated at 3.8-3.9)

    I have lots of time to decide, since first year is just general Engineering :smile:

    We have tons of stuff on Campus! Starbucks, Tim Hortons, a shop dedicated entirely to coffee and only coffee, DQ, Taco Time, A&W, a Sushi lounge, tons of bake shops, a Pizza shop, and soooo much more. I love going on Campus...it feels like a little town!

  10. I actually did better in university than I did in high school; I preferred the unstructured environment. I changed my major three times (first Advertising, then Linguistics, and finally, English Literature w/ a Minor in Business Administration), but I was happier in college. As for homework, I found the reading far more difficult to keep up with than the essay writing. My typical reading load consisted of a novel a week for each literature class, which adds up when all of your classes are literature based!

    I'm a teacher now, so my schedule essentially hasn't changed much since I was a student. What that means is that I have a WHOLE SUMMER to post on tpf and get myself into trouble with LV. Once school starts, though, it's back to work, except for those moments when I need to take a break from reading first semester 9th grader essays!:jammin:
  11. Actually I think uni is not that scary, yeh sure you have more assignments and major exams, but there's actually less contact hours compared to HS, hence MORE time to surf tPF ;)
  12. Yay! Another woman in engineering!! I hope you have fun, I love it deeply but I'm into my third year in electronics now..

    I hope you enjoy being such a minority.. and an LV-adorned one at that! I know I do.. hehehe..
  13. Actually, we were told that this year's students entering Engineering are actually almost 50/50 in terms of gender.

    Although, once I get into 2nd and 3rd year, I expect to see most guys in software/computer/electrical engineering while more girls will be in civil/chemical engineering.
  14. That's the way my school is! I love it. I don't really have much time to browse and have only made it to the convenience store and the bookstore but there are SO many food places, it's crazy. One day I'm just going to have to go there early just to check out the options since they added so much! :lol:
  15. I started back 3 weeks ago...and I thought it would mean less time on here....but not really. I don't really come on during the day....but spend more time here at night. And the spending hasn't decreased much to my husband's dismay!