I dont want to miss out, which one??


Which colour Inclusion Bracelet in PM ??

  1. Grey

  2. Fawn ( Violette)

  3. Turquiose (Peppermint)

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  1. How much longer do you think the grey inclusion will be around.. I am getting an inclusion bracelet from my bf from V Day . But not sure what colour to get first ... Either Fawn, Grey or turquoise.. what would you guys go for??
  2. The grey for sure! Love the pearls and silver LV's.
  3. Grey! I want this in PM and GM and I have been a strictly PM girl. I'm obsessed with it right now :lol:
  4. Get the gray first...the other colors will be around longer.
  5. ^^^ me too!
  6. I'd get the GRAY first as it might be harder to find down the road if you wait. :yes:
  7. Gray, it will disappear first, first inclusion to have little pearls in it & goes with more outfits.
  8. from what i've seen...my vote is gray:heart::heart::heart::tup:
  9. for sure I vote grey too. it's such a pretty color