I Don't Want To Lose my Bloomie's Power Points!

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  1. I opened up a Bloomingdales card about 3 weeks ago, and I purchased two pieces of David Yurman jewelry, one of them for a trusted friend. Unfortunately, the bracelet doesn't fit right, something wrong with the clasp, so she wants to exchange it for a different, David Yurman piece. I live an hour and a half away from my nearest Bloomie's, but I salled the SA and she said I could return it by mail no problem. When I had bought these two bracelets, I earned 60,000 power points because there was a special promo, will I will have available for use by the 15th of this month.
    I already know what I am going to use it for, so in order to keep my power points, should i buy the bracelet I wanted with the aforementioned power points, and then just exchange her bracelet after I have used my power points?
    She wants to get her second choice, a more pricey item from David Yurman, so I don't see the problem with this... I am not trying to cheat Bloomie's, but I would hate to lose my power points!!!
    I am new to the whole Loyalist/Bloomies thing, so could someone clear this up for me?
  2. Could you ask to put the returns onto a gift card so you won't lose the points?
  3. Thats a smart idea, i will ask! Thanks for the suggestion. :smile:
  4. Glad I could help. Hopefully it works out for you. I've done the same at Nordstrom.
  5. Bloomingdales rewards points don't work that way, a return to them is a return, you can wait and return the item after you get the power points but once you make the return you are in the negative
  6. Hm. She did mention something about that. Will I have to pay back for the points?
  7. Yes, in a way you will, you basically have to buy until your points are positive

    Also note that at the end of the year you lose 75% of your point balance

    I find bloomies loyalist program to be the most unfriendly reward program I have encountered, its close to Toys R Us reward program that after they refused to give me my reward I stopped shopping there, as for bloomies I am in the negative and even asked once I get into the positive to be removed from the program but I was told I could not be. I just don't want to care about points and losing them with a return when they had a special power points going on.
  8. I agree. The issue is that my friend's bracelet has a faulty clasp. I don't think its fair to lose points and all that because of a defect in the item... I am going to talk to them about it and see if they will allow it.
    The points aren't the be all end all; I just feel that in this situation, I shouldn't have to lose my points!
  9. I have a better solution to your problem. To avoid losing any Loyallist or Power Points that you received for your purchase....All you have to do is return what you bought without giving the salesperson the original receipt to scan. If you have the Bloomies Sticker Return Tag on the item you want to return then just have them scan that to look up the original transaction. Secondly, have them process the return separately from the sale. If you do it this way - you won't lose any of your Loyallist points for the return. Also, as an added bonus don't forget to add your Loyallist number when you purchase your new items and you earn even more points without losing any!

    Just remember the key to having this work is to not give the original receipt. Just have them process the return with the sticker tag and you should be good to go. Hope this helps! Don't tell too many people about this or else they may change how the system works! :graucho:
  10. Wow this has actua,ly worked? Nice. What if I had paid with a bloomies card? P
  11. I don't think it will work. I never have a receipt and have lost points on various occasions.

  12. I do not think this will work--the sticker tag has all the information from the purchase, including the Loyalist account information. A friend recently returned a gift that I gave her and had the refund put on a gift card. However, since it was returned from my purchase, I did lose the points on my Loyalist account. She used the sticker tag for the return, no receipt.

    Your best bet is to work with your sales associate and do the exchange for the higher priced item. You should ask her to call the Loyalist department for you to ensure that you will not lose the points from your original purchase. You would be best off making the exchange in one transaction and using your Loyalist account for the purchase so that they "know" it's an exchange for a higher priced item and your SA can call to confirm that you will not lose points from your prior purchase.