i dont want to be to optimistic

  1. but is there a chanel bag that is under 1200 on the larger side and black ?! :nuts:

    im probably going to be out of luck but im excited to see what you chanel experts come up with

    pictures are very welcome ! :graucho:
  2. bumpppppp
  3. Maybe a nylon tote? I don't have any pics, sorry.:sad:
  4. the only things i can think of are pretty small, and now after the price increase, even the east/west doesn't meet the under $1200 mark.
  5. Gosh, I don't even know. Sorry!
  6. the only thing i can think of is a coco cabas vinyl. 995$
  7. The Paris-barritz is under 1K. Also, I love my wallet with chain which was also under 1K- I think the name is misleading because it looks like more a small purse and can hold my phone, lipgloss, etc inside.
  8. The wallet chain is pretty small, though. Yesterday I bought an east-west bag inlambskin for $1125 (the old price); however, it's coral. Again, not a large bag. Even the large graffitti bag is over $1200 and the baby cabas is probably not to be had sans eBay. Have you considered high end consignment shops?
  9. the new naked (clear) bags that are coming out are a good size and some are as low as 895USD
  10. not many at all. the cotton club pochette is 795, but that is small bag.
  11. petite shopping tote is 1150
  12. This bag will not be in black, but SS/2007 Act II has the Coco's Cabas coming out in a dark denim for $1295.00. As was mentioned the Naked Bag, the tote comes with black trim and it will be $950.00. My S/A is expecting these bags. PM me if you would like his contact info for either of these bags. Good Luck with your search.
  13. Hmmm...what about a cambon tote? You might be able to find one on eBay for a good price...

    Good luck!!! :yes:
  14. thanks for all your help !

    im thinking about a petite shopping tote in cambon but recently there has been an outbreak of fakes of those at my school jfkld;ja hmph !
  15. I got my messenger bag for $950. Its quilted pattern but nylon material. With two magnetic closures with CC logo on it. Love it :0