I don't want to be fussy

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  1. OK, I attach a few pictures of something that just arrived, I have to say I am grossed out by the lining as it has those yellow stains all over, due to the pattern less visible on the outside, while it is silk, she seems to have washed it too hot as it has those brittle, paper like, stiff quality.

    I am really not happy because I did contact her before the purchase and asked if there are damages or marks on the dress (pictures were on a hanger) and she said she is offering it as used as she has worn it once...

    I honestly don't mind preloved items as long as they are OK, it is just the lining that is directly on my body having stains from somebody's body fluids and the dress smells as if it was worn for weeks, day and night and the wearer has a severe aversion to water and soap, opened the plastic envelope and the whiff was disgusting. I opened a return request with pictures but after hearing that people get trouble for legitimate returns on eBay, I am now seriously worrying about buying there anymore

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  2. Not too fussy, that’s disgusting
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  3. I think so too, seller however claims she sold it as used, honestly if it would have been a few pounds and I wouldn't have asked before, fine, but it's not something you can wash out.
  4. You should be fine, claim SNAD and ebay will refund you. That dress needs putting out of its misery!
  5. I am a bit worried about eBay now punishing buyers if they do SNAD, if I have an SNAD I always provide pictures
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  6. Just send eBay the conversation you had with the seller. She miss represented the condition. That is gross.
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