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  1. So here is a thread of my own with photos from the seller. She said it was teal and all I know is that I love it! lol My very first first!!! It's a perfect start to a long long week of finals and tests!
    P1250512.JPG P1250518.jpg P1250519.jpg P1250520.jpg
  2. ooooooooooooooooooo!!! It's gorgeous!!! congrats, jdy!!
  3. I know it's not teal so is it seafoam or emerald or dolma green? Guys?
  4. Btw....it's GORGEOUS! Do you have any pics of the metal plate? It would help to define the colour.
  5. It must be seafoam since it has silver hardware - although, it seems dark - but, it is very purdy :love:
  6. It is a beauty!! Looks a bit like emerald to me......so, so pretty, congrats!
  7. Wow, that looks like seafoam, only a bit darker. It's :heart:
  8. i'm thinking emerald - very pretty!
  9. Jen,

    It is beautiful!!!! When are you finished with finals?
    Congrats on your new Bbag!!:heart:
  10. Where did you get it from?
  11. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! (and I have to ask.. how much did you score it for? I have this feeling you got a STEAL!) :love: :yes:
  12. i looks like seafoam 2004. what letter is on the metal serial name plate?

    if it says "C", then congrats. she's a beauty.
  13. I'm pretty certain it's seafoam, though I can't read the tag

  14. Looks like seafoam to me!! :love:
  15. What a beautiful color!