:( I don't want my Signature PEGGY anymore! What should I do!??

  1. Ok so I posted my pics of all my sale purchases, and I was super happy with them, but now that I've had some time with my signature Peggy, i just don't want it anymore!! I only got it to use as a diaper bag, and it is NOT functional as one!! BIG MISTAKE!! Now I just want to buy the actual gucci diaper bag and I don't know what to do!!!!!!! I know all sales are final but will I get lucky and at least get an exchange or something? Has anyone had any luck with that??

    I checked eBay, and they have a LOT of peggy's selling from 900-1200 and no one seems to be buying them - I've been watching to see. I don't want to resort to eBay, I don't think it will sell, and I JUST got this bag last week from Gucci! grr!! :tdown:

    Please tell me what my options are! any and all advice would help!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. what peggy was it? tote or bamboo handle, yes all sales are final. why dont u like it anymore?
  3. if you have a regular SA go into the store and try askng her :smile: sometimes SAs suprise you what they can do for you! :smile: because bottom line if they know ur a good customer they will always try to make u happy so they dont lose you!!! :smile:
  4. i ordered a sale bag over the phone from a very nice SA. when I got the bag, it was huge (like luggage). i asked if i could exchange it and she said yes if i was getting something for around the same value. Ask to exchange it. if sale bags are still in the gucci stores, they might let you do it. good luck.
  5. ughh!! I tried calling my local Gucci since the one I ordered from was out of state. and the guy on the phone was a JERK. hes like um read the receipt. thats all u can do. :sad: :sad:

    I have the Peggy brown monogram with Braided handles and bamboo tassles. I just dont like it anymore cuz it tips over and I can't have that as my "diaper bag".....so much for trying to be a "trendy mom" :sad:
  6. That sucks so bad for you. I tried to return some pants last sale, and it was a no go. But exceptions are always made. maybe try the store you ordered it from??
  7. def try calling the store you ordered it from, you might have to pay to ship it back but at least you'll get your money back.
  8. omg, i love that bag..unfortunately, i decided too late and they ran out. are you willing to sell the bag? can i see some pics of it on you and with stuff in it? what do you mean it topples over? like it has no structure?

    sorry for all the ??'s. PM if you would like. :smile:
  9. Oh thats too bad.
    What are you going to do?
  10. I'm not going to call the store I ordered it from. I've had NOTHING but BAD experiences with their SA at Gucci boutiques! People at Sax are MUCH nicer! I'm not in the mood to get talked down to. Plus the only thing I want to exchange it for is the diaper bag which is $630, so I don't think it would work out.

    Anyway, I'm going to try to sell it! There have been two people interested, hopefully I get some luck!!!!!! Cross your fingers for me!! I feel so horrible! It was a gift from my Hubby and he's gonna be crushed when he finds out im actually losing sleep over this issue! ahh!
  11. good luck!
  12. ughh no luck! no luck at ALL!! :sad::sad::sad::sad::confused1::confused1:

    I finally resorted to eBay! i said i wouldn't do it, but I had to!! it just sucks cuz most pple just assume ebay has fakes!! and not just that, I'm not trying ot make a DIME off of my bag either! Just selling it for what I paid!! I hope and pray something happens for me! This really sucks!
  13. How about keep the bag? I have the same bag in brown trim and really love it! I use it for travel, work, and even as an everyday bag. It is ultra comfortable and I get many complements when I carry it. Two of my friends also have this bag and they love the bag as well. It may not serve well as a diaper bag, but maybe you can keep it for other occassions? Good luck!