I don't want anything?!?!

  1. I have a small collection of LV that includes:

    MC Speedy ---> The bag that got me loving LV!!
    Damier Speedy 25
    Epi Noe in Mandarin
    MC Wapity
    Panda Cles
    Epi Zippy Wallet in Black

    .... and I think I'm done. My bday is coming up in 2 weeks and my very generous parents are giving me $500 for a new purse, so I've been checking out elux for possible things to buy, but I can't find anything that I absolutely adore! Am I done craving LV? Does anybody else feel this way?
  2. Bite your tongue - gasp:wtf: I'm an addict - I need a fix every couple of months - I'm selling my blood plasma now.....:nuts:
  3. Why don't you save the money first and check out the damier azur or the miroir line that will be launched end of the year? :P

    My LV wishlist is growing longer day by day. But I do understand how you feel... The was a time when I have no craving for LV but believe me, it will come back... At least mine did..! :P lol
  4. Just wait for new bags...

    You will find something you like soon..
  5. My hubby wishes I had this problem :roflmfao: :shame:
  6. I agree w/ the others, just wait a bit!
    Azur, Azur, Azur,... :nuts::lol:
  7. I totally understand how you feel. I have a nice LV collection and I would love to add a few things but I'm in no rush to do so. Besides, I've been bit by the Balenciaga bug! :graucho: I'm also on a purse ban right now - self-imposed - which really helps me not buy everything in sight! Just wait - you never know when something will come along and you'll say "I've got to have that!" How about a nice pair of LV boots/ shoes? The Fall/ Winter styles are TDF! Or a scarf for winter? ;)
  8. BTW, you have a nice collection!
  9. That happened to me with Gucci. I adore Gucci but, after buying several bags I felt that I had enough Gucci so now I am getting an LV mono speedy and pouchette. That happened to me with Prada before but, then a collection that you adore comes out and you are hooked again.
  10. Same here, absoloutly nothing I want except the Cancun, everything else is either discontinued, too expensive, or too hard to get hold of :sad:
  11. The MC Speedy is the bag that got me hooked on LV, too.

    I love mine :heart:
  12. Yah, I feel like that sometimes. Especially looking on Eluxury. I find that the store has more stuff but even still I find myself not really wanting anything sometimes. But, when a new line launches, I go bananas!
  13. Wait for the new lines then.
  14. I definatly don't have the problem. My wish list is constantly growing! If you wait a bit I'm sure something new will come out that you will have to have!!
  15. I get like this too, but it passes. Trust me, something will come along and you will want it. Its like crack, you cant stop.