I don't want a red one, but this is NIIICE!!!!!

  1. Very nice - similar to one I have!! Love the rouge h!
  2. it's stunning and classic! just beautiful!
  3. It is lovely, isn't it? Just thought I'd put it here in case anyone was in the market.....????:biggrin:
  4. Better not show this one to Shopmom!
  5. classic and elegant!
  6. So beautiful but I'd prefer it in a 32 cm. Glad it's not so I won't be tempted!!
    Ahhhhh Chevre!!!!!!
  7. Oh very funny.....I already saw it, so there! :P

    you guys crack me up....:lol: :lol:

  8. I KNEW it!!!!!!!!!!!! I just KNEW it!!!!!!!!

    Shopmom, in your "travels on the web", can you give me a heads up if you see a Kelly in green??????? You seem to be more 'efficient' than me at finding things!!!!!:yes:
  9. You guys just better give me your lists because I swear if I look for you, I won't buy for me!!!!! You'll really be doing me and my DH (not to mention the bank account) a HUGE favor! Just....send me the dang lists!!!!!
  10. You're so funny!!

    Ok, green (by that I mean vert anis, chartreuse or a "pale" green - did that pistache that costa buy actually turn out to be pistache or vert anis???) anyway....32 souple (but I would consider rigide) pall h/w - leather I'm open to...


    Black box calf 28 or 32 rigide pall h/w

    BUT must be reasonable $$$...I don't want to pay thousands above retail - I'd rather wait it out!!!!!!!

    THANKS SHOPMOM!!!!!!!!!:heart:
  11. it is beautiful unfortunately its souple and with palladium hardware. i just like rouge h better with gold i think it compliments the colour better
  12. It's beautiful but I have to agree with my fellow Jewish friend Lilach. :cool: I prefer rouge with gold hardware.
  13. Gosh - I love this bag. The color is so me, and the size is perfect too... I'll need to sell my gold one though...hmm