I don't usually do this but.. can I get an opinion on my pic?

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  1. This is one of my modelling pics. I posted it on some other forum, and got flammed with comments like " you look 35" (I'm in my early 20's!) " You have a huge nose ..like Paris Hilton's except 10 pounds heavier" " you look like a -10 on a scale of 1-10"

    Normally I have good self esteem.. but those comments really bothered me. Do I really look that bad or is it just girls acting catty because I'm blonde, tanned and in a swimsuit?
    *removed by request of poster - she does not hold the copyright, the photographer does*
  2. Well, you're brand new to this forum and you're posting a HUGE picture of yourself in a swimsuit on the internet for thousands of people to see, and asking people for honest opinions as if you're self-conscious or something. Are you just looking for reassurance? Am I supposed to be fawning over you, telling you how great you look? If you're a legitimate model, shouldn't you have an agent or someone you could ask about the pics? I don't get it :shrugs:

    Sorry to be rude, but my first thought was was that you're just someone desperate for attention. And no, I'm not jealous... There's a difference between honesty and cattiness ;)
  3. Sorry but I have to agree. People on the web can be real rude. When you put yourself out there as ask for people opinions they'll give it to you.
  4. First of all, not trying to be rude, I posted the link from Tinypic. As far as I know, it doesn't let you control the size of your pictures.
    I want to know if maybe this is a bad pic, or whatever...
    And I'm not a fashion model. I do glamour modelling part time. Glamour models do not have agents, most of the time, unlike fashion models.

    I think the best way to get an honest opinion is to ask people who don't know you and are not biased. Hence my posting here ( because I'm new people don't know me) If I went and asked my girlfriends, well that would be kinda pointless.
    Every female has moments of insecurity..I'm sure everyone has asked a similar question in their life. since this forum is mostly women I'm sure most people understand that it's normal and asking a question doesn't always equal a cry for attention.
  5. You ask for people's opinions and they gave it to you, now you're complaining because you didn't like what was said. Sounds like you're just fishing for compliments.
  6. Photographer's perspective: You're wearing too much makeup, and it's not well applied. The eyeshadow is really sloppily put on, not blended. It also doesn't suit the casual beachwear look. The straight-on and from below camera angle is not flattering. I think the combination of these things makes you look older than you say you are.

    You need to resize your photos on your computer before you upload them.
  7. Yes, this is a bad picture. Just not the most flattering..in my opinion.
  8. Also, I don't think it's cattiness. Enough people see perfectly retouched people all the time, and I think we are sufficiently desensitized that one attractive person is not going to ruffle feathers. People also have a wide range of tastes in beauty, and not everyone holds blonde, tanned bikini models as the golden (har!) standard. :flowers:

    I'm not going to judge your features, because I know that if you were shot from even a slightly different angle, your nose (per your example) would look quite different. I don't think it's a very flattering picture, and would suggest you find different photographers and stylists.
  9. I kind of think this is the wrong forum to post. Maybe try a legit modeling forum. So it seems like anyone could say they do glamour modeling because they don't have a agent and one can also have some photographer who probably is not professional taking pictures. I have had friends who model in South Beach Florida and even their bad pictures are professionally done. They know how to stand. Your picture looks too model forced like something a person who wants to be a model would do. The angel does not compliment your face.
    I would get a new photographer and some clothing that does not wash out in the photo. The belly ring is sticking out as the only color in the picture. I would ditch that when you get photos taken or use a small gold or diamond one.
    I wish you luck with you wanting to model. Most of my friends started to model in their teens and felt old in their middle to late twenties.
  10. non-photog's opinion but I was going to say the exact same thing that I bolded.
  11. Not a flattering picture and the pose is somewhat tacky IMHO.

  12. Very well said......I agree.
  13. ^ I completely agree!!!
  14. You dont usually post like that, What made you feel comfortable to do it here?
  15. I think that you have a nice figure. It may well be that a different angle would flatter your face more. Give it another try.
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