I don't understand!

  1. Okay so yeah the EURO went up again, what else is new. So LV raises their prices... well Christian Dior and Chanel are both out of Paris just like LV and they don't raiser there prices and they HAVE sales... I can see where LV wants to remain different and NOT have sales, that is fine! But these price increases are stupid. A lot of the things I want are over $1k really and they went up over $100 plus. I just don't understand why THEY raise there prices because something changes...

    They proably use it as FALL OUT plan, "oh Euro went up, we have to increase prices" such a lie... Yeah it's just another way to make $.

    Besides are the duplicate things I want like Cles and accessories that I will proably never buy. I have a list of under 5 things I want from LV now.
  2. I hear you! I don't get it either!!!:rant: Maybe Bernard Arnault had to raise the prices in order to pay off all the bills after his daughter's wedding!!!:lol:
  3. or that opening party for Champs... it was like $50 I read in Vogue or Elle!!
  4. Wow! I mean $50 Million lol
  5. Well, at least you'll never see what you bought at LV for cheaper in the store than what you paid for it ! That makes me quite happy, I'd be pretty upset if there was a LV sale and the bags I had were %%% off !
  6. ^^^^ i agree, Ayla... one thing that we never have to worry a/b is the bags we bought being mark onsale.
  7. The Euro thing is a lie because it's just back up to where it was before, and it will fluctuate time and time again. LV did it because they could in the same way Coach, Kooba, Chloe and many of the others have in the past. If they keep this up, I'll definitely stop buying the line and look for something else I like that might just go on sale.
  8. Matt I certainly see your point. Think of it this way though, when you buy LV its not just a bag, its an investment b/c you know the price is only going to go up:yes: :biggrin: ..........wish the stock market was that way:rolleyes:
  9. The fact that they don't go on sale is one of the primary reasons I feel confortable about spending the money that they charge. At least I know that I won't see my expensive bag on the 25% off table, all dirty and scratched up or worse yet, thrown on the floor.
  10. I am not concerned that they don't go on sale, I wouldn't expect a "luxury" line to go on sale. I agree with you about the price rises, it seems to be just greed as they know that we will just pay it. Its the same as the price of fuel in this country - whatever happens, it's "oh, this will mean fuel prices will rise." But they NEVER go back down.
  11. Chanel does have price increases though. I think it's once a year, not as often as LV but still an increase. =)

    I don't mind LV's price increases. I think it keeps it semi-exclusive and follows the US market. Think about it, people are making more money now than they are in the past... how would you like to pay $500 for a bag 5 years ago when it was harder to make money and then have someone else pay $500 for the same bag now?
  12. I agree.