I dont understand???

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  1. I sold a Chopard watch on eBay and it seems that the package got lost. I ask and recommended the buyer to pay for the insurance and he declined. I never expected that the package would get lost but apparantely it did because he hasn't received and it's been over a month. So now Paypal has decided that I should refund the money and decided the case to the buyer's favor:cursing:. I have all the proof of the shipping too and Paypal didn't even ask for it. The thing is it was the first time that I shipped international (to Germany) and on USPS it says that the package was delivered in Germany, so does this mean that the person received it or Germany received it and not necessarily the person? This person's eBay id is "karamasan" and his feedback is in private but he does have a few negative feedback but I can't see the reason behind those negative feedback. I don't know if this is a scam and I don't know what to do. I don't have the watch and I don't intend to refund the money if I did everything right. What do you guys suggest?
  2. so you have proof of posting and paypal never even asked for that info when the buyer opened a claim? that is really odd - in the email they just told you you should refund? did they also put a hold on your money? is this at dispute or claim level?

    can this be tracked online? for paypal all that matters is that you can proof you shipped the item - if it is lost in transit it really isn't your problem, especially if the buyer didn't pay for insurance.

    with which courier did you send the watch? I am in Germany and routinely buy from the US and if you sent tracked etc it most probably is stuck in customs. if you shipped with USPS and it tells you that the parcel was delivered it often means that it has been delivered to the local customs office where the seller has to collect it.

    when exactly did you ship the watch? also, could you copy/ paste the online tracking info? the reason I am asking bec I can compare to my own tracking info for parcels.

    I agree private feedback is never great - unfortunately can't check on the buyer right now bec eBay.de is down.
  3. Hmm, couple of things here.

    Can't search on your bidder, as privacy laws protect. You would need to either post your id/or auction number for anyone to have a look. I do know however, that if your bidder was in Germany, then you have not much of any protection via Paypal, as only UK/Canada and US have paypal confirmed addresses at the moment. (Think that's due to change soon) Mind you, that applies to the buyer too.

    You should really give Paypal a ring, especially since you have online tracking which says the package has been delivered. Usually in situations like this, then Paypal will definately side with the seller, especially as you have the online tracking.

    Let us know how you get on.

    Good luck

  4. Oh I feel so bad for you. It very well may be stuck in customs. Call Paypal and ask to speak to a supervisor in Dispute Resolution. Let us know how things turn out!
  5. It doesn't matter if the buyer didn't purchase insurance. Insurance is to protect you as a seller.
  6. Actually, you could very well be on the hook here. Insurance is for the seller, not the buyer. At least in the US the seller is responsible for getting the item delivered to the customer regardless of whether insurance was purchased or not by the customer. That's why on expensive items it is wise to make insurance mandatory or include it in the starting price. PayPal will support you if you can show delivery to the customer, but the customer denies it.

    If your tracking only shows that the package was turned over to the German post, but not actually delivered to the customer, I think you're going to have problems with PayPal.

    A call to PayPal is your best bet. You might also want to call the post office to see what your tracking actually means on the Germany side of the fence.
  7. yep, that is true, addresses here are not verified. as I said, if you could post the tracking info you have it would help. similarly, I wonder that paypal just recommends you should refund - is that because the address isn't verified? is it a claim or a dispute you are dealing with?

    what type of shipping did you use? I know that if your tracking number from the post office starts with an 'L' it cant be tracked over here - any other type of shipping can. 'L' - packages can take over a month, especially if it got stuck at customs.

    as for insurance - I agree, this is the seller's responsibility but I believe paypal states that once the item has left the seller's hands and is lost in transit it isn't their concern.
  8. paypal doesn't cover international shipping regardless of tracking number. Yet another way ebay/paypal screws it's sellers.
  9. insurance is not an option for high ticket items. I always set up "insurance required" for those kind of items. Good Luck!
  10. Paypal never asked me proof of anything at all:cursing: when the buyer opened claim. I found it odd too because how can they decided in favor of the buyer. All they asked me to do was to response to the buyer about the situation of the package . I gave him the tracking number which Paypal has too. It is trackable.

    I used USPS and this is what itsays on the website witht the tracking #:
    • Delivered Abroad, June 01, 2007, 10:50 am, GERMANY
    • At Foreign Delivery Unit, June 01, 2007, 7:44 am, GERMANY
    • Out of Foreign Customs, May 31, 2007, 5:55 pm, GERMANY
    • Into Foreign Customs, May 22, 2007, 12:07 pm, GERMANY
    • Arrived Abroad, May 22, 2007, 12:06 pm, GERMANY
    • International Dispatch, May 19, 2007, 4:25 pm, MIAMI AMC
    • Acceptance, May 11, 2007, 5:32 pm, SAN JUAN, PR 00918
  11. I would go to the Paypal Transaction and add tracking info (it's near the bottom) once you enter that, Paypal should have all of the proof it needs to end the claim against you! I would also fax them as well, and also email the tracking info to them from the USPS website. The info you have obviously shows the watch was received and I believe the buyer is definitely trying to scam you! Good luck...ps paypal's customer service number is 18882211161 of course it is not on their website but I called and demanded that I get their number! Hope this helps!!
  12. Call Paypal now, dont' wait any longer. You will lose your money if they've already issued a refund to the buyer. The buyer won't pay you back.
  13. well, as far as I can see this is what it tells me when my item is in customs - but by now they should have received a notification! if it was an expensive item for sure they had to pay high customs...

    if this is a claim paypal obviously already took the money out of your account to refund the buyer, right? because I believe only in the case of a dispute can they only suggest to you to refund the buyer.

    I would definitely contact paypal by phone - it is the easiest way to find out what is going on and what you can do! i never had a problem with US transactions so I didnt even know they didn't cover international shipping. insurance wouldn't do you any good because it shows as delivered, the post office won't give you your money back either.

    I am really sorry this happened - I hope you get your money back.
  14. Paypal actually tried to get the money out of my bank account. Luckyly I had only $30 in it but they will keep trying. I'm going to have to close the account. I also went to the Post Office and the officer confirmed that the package was indeed received. According to the officer, the reason that some information were not posted on usps.com is for security reason. So I contacted Paypal and they said that I would need something in writing from the Post office so now I have to go back there. Paypal still said that it does not guarantee me that they will decided in my favor because there were no signature:confused1::cursing:, which does not make sense. I mean what more proof would they want if I give them the confirmation letter by USPS. I just hope that Paypal come to their senses. It seems like this buyer is a scammer.
  15. ^ what they tried to get the money out of your bank account? i heard that this is not acceptable - some threads on here where it says that this is not a permissible practice. have a search on this forum.

    hm, again weird about the signature, as far as I know there are only few methods of shipping that prove the signature online. if the post office knows that it was delivered to your buyer exactly, it should suffice. I would demand to speak to a manager about this because claims/disputes can go either way apparently. it would seem according to the person dealing with it?!? good luck