I don't understand why

  1. ugh that is an ugly fake too! there's a fake citta rosa "mamma mia" on eBay that looks kinda like that. gah.

    i don't understand why people bid on the fakes, at least SOME of them have to know they aren't authentic.
  2. that's gross. :yucky: i think people are relying on this guy's positive feedback and thinking that l'amore is too new to be faked. i wish people would do their homework instead of plopping $100 on a random fake.
  3. At least he's honest...he doesn't come right out and say "fake", but the title and description do say "TOKIDOKI LeSportsac Buon Viaggio like tote bag", so that's a big red flag even if you don't know exactly what to look for.

    And doesn't the listing look a lot like 73papasmurfs listings??

  4. yeaah but the free pouch is a dead giveaway..
  5. Yea at first glance I thought so too but that yellow/candy clip art header is just a template for ebay sellers I believe.
  6. I agree that people should to their research on fakes before spending so much $$ on a bag.
  7. that leather is so ugly. even if i didn't know anything about tokidoki i still wouldn't bid on it because the straps look horrible
  8. I agree!
  9. if he didnt show the pouch, strap, and zipper i wouldve thought it was real >_>;
  10. Aahhh. I thought that was a stolen background or something.
  11. Me too! I think we need to put a ban on EBay:yes:
  12. I saw the bag on there 2 days ago and actually emailed the highest bidder telling them that it wasn't authentic (if they didn't notice the "like") and pointing out a few reasons why it was fake ( zipper, hardware, color of the leather, etc...). But, I guess she didn't care and is still willing to pay $90+ for a fake bag -_- I just don't understand it...
    Plus, it makes me so mad that a seller is going to make so much money off of it!!! Now I'm frustrated :yucky:
  13. I've noticed a lot of people that have bought a mixture of fakes and real bags from eBay, and often are bidding on bags I'm watching. It makes me wonder if they just don't care about the authenticity of what they're getting, because they've usually purchased really obvious fakes .. like certain "bizarregift" ebay stores sell.
  14. i will never buy from ebay. unless i find my perfect pirata zucca then i might make an acception :okay: