I don't understand why someone would do this....

  1. earlier today I lost an '05 camel first on ebay. It was used, tassels split, and did not include extra tassels. I was outbid by a long shot. BUt the winner paid $1,072 for it. I couldn't believe it. why would you pay that much for a used first? doesn't it sill come in camel? or do they just do the white and black every season? thank gals.
  2. They do have a current color called "Camel" but they like to re-use names of the colors but the colors themselves are never actually repeated except white and black (even then it's a bit different due to the leather). Like the 04 Turqoise looks nothing like the 05 turqoise. Also, the leather from 05 is better than the 06 leather in my opinion so it would go beyonf what current Firsts are selling for in stores.
  3. I think thats kinda high for a caramel first in used condition- but not highly unusual.

    it all depends on the market I think...
  4. I've also heard that Ebay supposedly goes around and bids super high on some items to artificially raise the market in areas so they will get higher FVFs in the future.
  5. Well, the bag was probably someone's dream bag! To them, the price was probably worth it! She may be able to get extra tassels from BalNY if they have them.
  6. well, as some people here said, "the price is in the eye of the beholder" :P
  7. Agree with you Ladies:yes:...Price depends on the market !!!

    Personnaly, I'll never buy a "used" bag with higher price than a brand new one in retail...
    But I think it's maybe because I'm not addicted enough:shame:!!!
  8. I guess if you want it bad enough it doesnt matter what it costs. I paid $800 for Bon Jovi tickets a while back, no regrets and I was in the 1st row in the Pit and ended up backstage. I would have paid $3000.
  9. True. I've paid that much -- several times -- for good Rolling Stones seats. My friends and family think I'm crazy, but whatever. They'd think I was crazy for buying a bag that costs over $200 too. They have no idea.
  10. I was bidding on the same bag:lol: !
    The kicker is that she'd listed it twice before for MUCH lower and it didn't sell, but for some reason it didn't come up in my searches. Then I saw it yesterday and assumed i could get it for no more than $700- which is reasonable- and then that buyer came out of nowhere!
    I know for myself that I got a bit caught up in really wanting it and bid higher than I should have, so I'm actually happy I lost. I have no idea why it went so high but the seller is a PFer so CONGRATS VIPSTYLE!!!
  11. You're kidding, right? Ebay may have some policies that we don't agree with but shill bidding on auctions to drive up their final value fees isn't one of them :smile:
  12. A more logical explanation is that several bidders wanted the bag and kept upping each other, and competitive juices kicked in . . . and there you go. Sometimes I'll put a small bid in on a bag just to indicate interest, but I never bid again until five seconds prior to the end via a sniping program. It keeps me from going crazy and it keeps the price down, IMO.
  13. I think that all of us like different things when it comes to bbags, so I'm sure that whoever won that really wanted that bag.
  14. I really highly doubt that. Let's remember to be careful about the things we say regarding companies/sellers/etc when they are not facts. :heart:
  15. I agree with all you ladies. I guess yeah if someone wants somehting that bad, the sky's the limit. But Fromparis... i totally agree with your logic, if it's used I wouldn't pay more than it costs for a new one. but to the winner if she is a PF'er and to the seller... congrats to both of you.