I don't understand this!

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  1. because he wants to make money from it and hopes people will buy it?
  2. But I don't get who would buy it for $40 when they can order from Target for $20. I guess if they fall for that, then they deserve to pay $40!
  3. The seller is hoping potential buyers won't know the retail price, that they will see the name Gryson and think they are getting a deal.
  4. It says that they ship worldwide, so maybe they are hoping for an international sale from someone with no access to Target.
  5. They probably hope to sell to someone like me, who lives in Ireland where there are no Target stores and hardly anybody knows Gryson!
  6. Heather is right--some people don't live close to towns with good shopping options. I have not see this in my Target yet but I will check them out (but not buy some to sell online).
  7. Anything to make a buck.