I don't understand this.....

  1. So I ordered the Ergo Scarf Hippie(the one from the Japan website) by calling JAX. It was sent out yesterday from there and I only like about 5 hours south of there, yet my package went to a Nashville FedEx Facility???

    Why would it go North to go south again.... :confused1::confused1::confused1:
  2. All fedex packages go through Tennessee. That's where their hub is. Everything goes there even overnight stuff. Weird I know, but that's how they do it.
  3. It's a FedEx thing! When you ship FedEx Priority, Overnight, or Two-Day, it goes out of state to Nashville and then comes back to your state. I know it doesn't make sense, but that's how they do it. If I ship a package to a company 30 minutes away, it still has to leave the state and come back overnight. I think only FedEx Ground stays in state.
  4. how lame!!!!