I don't understand the Ciao Ciao!

  1. I haven't seen it in real life, and I'm having a bit of trouble understanding the mechanics of it. How on earth do you get stuff out of the bag when it's folded over? Because the zip is at the top, so it looks really difficult to me, but I'm sure I'm just not seeing something...

    Sorry for the really lame post, I'm sure this is a really stupid question!
  2. You can wear it folded or unfolded, its a little hard to unfold to get things out but it works, trust me! I have a Foresta and LOVE it! So much print!
  3. It's a nice bag for getting the entire print, but it's difficult to use for bulkier items. Textbooks and notebooks work great, but it looks kinda awkward with bulkier items, imo anyway.:shrugs:
  4. Ciao ciao is a little akward in my opinion. I actually like the smaller ciao better. Easier to get in and out of.
  5. i agree :biggrin: ..i'll just feel weird wearing a ciaociao unfolded lol
  6. I just wear it folded... and usually unzipped, its easier to get into... just lift up the flap and then you can get whatever out
  7. There are actually multiple zippers.

    There is the one long zipper that runs across the top and gives you access to the whole bag. You have to unfold it to put stuff in.

    There is one very short zipper (3-4 inches) on the back that is positioned so that when the bag is folded it is right below the fold line. You can access this whent he bag is folded, provided it's folded in the opposite direction so I's not covered by the flap. This is good for storing sunglasses.

    Finally there is another zipper that is on the opposite side, also at the fold line. It runs the width of the bag and can be accessed when the bag is folded if you have the flap in the oppostie direction.

    When I use my Ciao Ciao, I put stuff I probably won't need much in the big main pocket. I don't use the little pocket and I fold the flap over it. Then I put the stuff I need to get to easily in the big pocket on the other side. My wallet, keys etc.

    It IS an awkward bag to get in and out of and I can't imagine actually wearing it unfolded, its already so huge! But it is a cool looking bag.
  8. because i use mine as a baby bag, i use it unfolded and pushed further towards my back. it's a lot like a newspaper boy's bag. that leaves my hands free for my lil monsters! i love it!!!
  9. I wear my ciao ciao unfolded a lot, but I also wear it higher up on my back than most people. I wear messenger quite a bit for school and when I'm biking, and those are worn higher up for better balence and less back stress. I will admit that it is very large, but it will hold file folders, books, magazines and other skinny tall stuff that most bags will not fit.
  10. yea, too awkward for me too. oh well.
  11. I don't think it's awkward.:shrugs:
  12. Thanks for all the input everyone, especially the description from DreamsOfToki, it was really helpful. You guys here are great!