I don't understand some sellers...

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  1. ebay is not full of scammers... there are some sellers AND buyers that ruin it for the honest/legit people out there, unfortunately. i haven't given up on ebay, just more cautious.

    i usually avoid auctions that advertise NWOT or NWT, when the bag is clearly used from the pictures and description... they probably state that it's new to attract more buyers. but it makes me wonder what else they're "embellishing" in their description. i still think it's better to say "used" even if it was only used once or twice... saying that it's "like new" is ok too.
  2. Pardon my ignorance, but can someone please tell me what NWOT means? Thanx in advance.

    New With Out Tag(s)???

    Never Worn Or Torn???

    Please PFers, educate me!
  3. New w/o tags
  4. its just giving them a better chance of selling it! its soo dishonest and gross.. but alot do it!!

  5. Thank you sabrinahchan.:smile: