I don't understand some sellers...

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  1. How can they advertise NWOT if it says right in the auction they used it for two months?? :amazed: :weird:

    Ummm, it's NOT new anymore! :yucky:
  2. eBay sellers are scammers. I avoid it at all costs.
  3. I know...for the most part I do. :yes:

    I had an item as a saved search from a few months back, and every so often I get an email from ebay with one that has been listed. I saw the said description on that auction. :wtf:

    I need to just delete the search....but I am nosey! :lol:
  4. ^^I wouldn't make such a cut and dried statement such as that. Yes, there are scammers on eBay but not everybody on eBay is a scammer as your statement above makes it sound. There are plenty of people on this board (myself included), who sell on eBay and are not scammers.

    Just be careful and do your research!
  5. I'm a seller but not a scammer too! :love: Also it should be mentioned that it is a two-way street... there are some buyer scammers as well. Ebay can be a great tool but it has to be used very carefully for sure!
  6. Thats pretty harsh! Many of us on this forum are successful ebay sellers and we are NOT scammers as you are implying! I sell nothing but authentic items and never would I sell a fake anything or scam anyone. Tell me, whats YOUR ebay id name? then we can block you from our auctions. ~hmph~:wtf:

  7. Now- come-on that is not a fair statememt... and very untrue...:flowers:

  8. :yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes:
  9. I agree. I sell on ebay too and I've never cheated anyone, but I've had several buyers try to take advantage of me. Most buyers however are also honest.
  10. Bjara,

    Back to the original question, I only use NWOT if I bought something new at a store, and it did not happen to have a tag. I always list auctions as gently-used, when I have worn an item. I think that it is only fair to describe things as they really are.
  11. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:

    I hope you are joking. That's not very nice and very untrue. I'm also one of the many honest Ebay sellers. Yes, please give me your Ebay ID too so I can block you as well.


  12. Oh man! Have you read my thread: DISGUSTED - Item SIGNIFICANTLY not as described - RANT!?

    I bought a BNWT dress stained with makeup, food and PERIOD! Yep, blood! :yucky:

    " eBay sellers are scammers. I avoid it at all costs."

    That is harsh!!! I'm also a seller and have NEVER scammed anyone! Everything I sell is authentic! I would never want to make money at other people's expense!!! You just have to do your research...that said... sometimes research fails you... :crybaby:
  13. You really cannot say all sellers on ebay are scammers this is quite rude. I have sold on ebay for a couple years have 100% postive feedback and have never scammed anyone, do not buy or sell fakes at all. Anyone can be caught out on ebay but more often then not its new people who buy things dirt cheap and think they are getting a bargain only to discover (surprise surprise) they have bought a fake. You cannot buy an authentic designer item for £20 - ($40)
  14. well new with tags can mean a few things...

    I mean there alot of ladies who pay the full RRP so i think its fair that if they used it a few times it can be said that it is almost brand new condition depending how well they take care of their bags. My bags are my babies and i take care of them so well its like the day I bought them

    But seriously though if say u know that there is an auction for a auth Gucci Guccissma boston bag and it starts at only $399 but it sells for over $1500 I mean i think u would get the idea here?

    Anyways if u feel its a scam well fair enough but be fair on sellers as any seller wants to hopefully get a good bid for their auction.
  15. I'm also a seller on ebay. I have never scammed anyone. And for the record ebay buyers are not always trustworthy either. I get people trying to scam me as a seller.