I don't think this is normal...help please!

  1. I just bought this bag in Hong Kong last week(from the Balenciaga Store) and have used it for less than a week. I noticed this tonight and am freaking out. The only explanation for this would be the bag getting wet. I got caught in the rain yesterday and the bag was exposed to probably 10 minutes of light rain. Still...the bag is less than a week old!

    Can someone tell me if this is normal "wear and tear." I'm crushed because it looks horrible. What can or should I do?

    Since I don't live in Hong Kong(picked this up on holiday), I imagine it would be a huge hassle to somehow exchange it(if I even could). Oh dear...[​IMG]
  2. Here's one more picture. It appears that the leather is peeling/fraying(correct term?) already. [​IMG]
  3. :confused1: I would think wear and tear is normal. But maybe not in 1 week! I wouldn't try to return it because yes, it would be a BIG hassel. Balenciaga bags look really cool broken in, so I wouldn't worry about it so much.
  4. Is there a Bal boutique closer to you?

    That does not look at all like "normal wear & tear," that looks like poor quality control on Balenciaga's part.

    Even if it is a huge hassle, IMO, you should return/exchange that bag.

    I have two 05s and an 06 that have seen HEAVY wear, including airplane travel, conferences, being used as a book bag, etc. with ABSOLUTLEY no fading, fraying, ect.

    And I am hard on my bags, I try to be careful, but they end up under airplane seats, on the floor, in the rain occasionally.
  5. I bought it last Sunday so it hasn't even been one week yet. I guess I would feel better knowing that others have bags that look like this(and being reassured that this IS normal). Should I put some lotion on it? It's only the bottom and parts of the side that's doing this. I also think the broken in look is nice but should the leather be so rugged(for lack of a better word) that you could rip a piece right off.
  6. can u exchange it in another balenciaga store where u live? i know LV can do that...

    i also think that kinda of tear is normal, but not for a 1 week old from teh direct store
  7. I don't think it's because of the rain, maybe you placed the bag on a coarse uneven surface and it frayed because of this?
    I personally wouldn't exchange the bag but if it annoys you you could go to an authorised B dealer and ask to exchange it!! Let us know what happens, good luck!
  8. If you have trouble returning it, it looks like you could use sharp scissors (like hair cutting shears) to carefully snip the frayed eges away.
  9. ^^ there's an idea. This is NOT from the rain and this is NOT wear and tear. I think this is just how the bag was made, they did not trim the edges of the leather neatly when sewing the bag together. I was on the hunt for a black city for a long time and when I finally had the chance to go to BalParis and I found one with beautiful leather I was a tiny bit bummed that the edges looked just like this, on a brand new bag, but that's just the finishing on some of these bags. They're not made to look pristine, though some of them do (little to no distressing, perfectly smooth leather, etc). Personally, I prefer that broken in look so I think your bag is absolutely fine!
  10. It's definitely not normal wear and tear, but it's also not a HUGE deal. The careful trimming with scissors is a great idea, and perhaps some clear leather glue to seal it so the fraying stops.
  11. I think I'll wait and see if the condition deteriorates over the next couple of days. If it does, I have no problem sending it back and requesting an exchange. I just don't think this should be happening so fast with such a high end bag. In the meantime, I'll try not to look at it too much...since it'll just drive me crazy!
  12. One more thing, the trim(part that's peeling) feels a bit dry compared to the rest of the bag(which is gorgeous). Should I be putting lotion on it?
  13. I think you should go the Bal boutique or reseller closest to you and talk to them-this should NOT be normal wear and tear after a week for a bag that costs over 1k IMO! Good luck:flowers:
  14. I agree, it just looks like poor quality. Send it to a bal near you with the receipt and get them to exchange it. I've had my bals for over two years and they've never done that even in the rain.
  15. NO NO NO!!! That is not normal and that does not happen your bag gets wet. Bring it back to the store for an exchange.