I don't think the spy's will

  1. be going on sale, but does anyone know a store where I could buy a black spy for cheaper than retail? It doesn't have a be a ton cheaper. My mom saw the bag and I really want to buy it for her.

    Does anyone have any ideas?
  2. ^^^ WOWOW!!! You are one awesome daughter to buy your mom a spy! Can I adopt you? :nuts:
  3. try ebay, but be weary of the fakes.
  4. I am worried about spending to much money to end up with a fake.

    I went through a rough time back in 2002 and my mom was my rock. She has done so much for me and I know she would never by the bag for herself. She deserves it. Besides, she is going through some things right now, so this will make her day.
  5. ^^^ that is so sweet! You'll find something. :yes: Just make sure you get help from people on this forum who'll give guidance on authenticity. I've found some amazing deals on authentic bags on ebay. So don't get discouraged.
  6. check this one out, illini. Passes my initial smell test, but tell me what you think. see item 250023447377 on ebay.

    good luck
  7. ^^Thanks. I cannot access ebay from work, but I will check it when I get home tonight.