I don't think the seller wants to sell.

  1. On the 7th of July, I won the auction for a Chloe paddington for a really good price. The seller misspelled the listing, so the bids were lower. While the auction was still going on, someone sent her a message about what she misspelled and that she could relist for more money. She chose not to do that. But now it has been a week and she has not shipped the bag to my knowledge, and didn't respond to my message. How much longer should I wait before I report her to eBay?
  2. Someone pulled that on me. I won a Joie top for $0.01 and the seller told me she shipped the top. I waited and waited and every time I emailed her she kept on telling me that she had shipped the top. She had even printed a label through USPS for shipping. When I complained, she immediately offered a refund. First I didn't accept it but then after a month went by and I realized that she wasn't going to honor the transaction, I took my money back. She relisted the item at a higher price later. When I confronted her, she said it was a different top not the same exact one that I had won.

    Since she accepted your payment, technically she should mail the bag regardless of how much it went for. I think you should write her another email or get her contact information from eBay and call her and ask her to update you (can you still do that? has been a long time since I sold/bought anything on eBay.). If she doesn't get back to you by Monday, report her to Ebay and Paypal (if you paid through paypal) and at least get your money back.
  3. I too would email her again, and ask for a tracking number. There is not much you can do to make her sell if she doesn't want to, but the least she can do is make her mind up and either send you the bag or send you a refund.

    If she doesn't respond within a couple of days, I would probably think about putting in a claim with Paypal - no way should she have your money and your bag.

    You can also put in a Non performing seller complaint with Ebay, but this is generally a slap on the wrist (unless she has already received other complaints in the past). It is your money that is the most important thing.

    Hopefully it will be on its way already, and you won't have to do anything.
  4. I've looked at her feedback. She has over 300 feedback and it's 99.1% positive. However, people have mentioned that she is slow to ship. The thing about feedback is that I think people really don't want to give neutral or negative ones since they could get one in return.
  5. it's been a week, but you have to wait for 10 days before you can file a claim. I'd wait a few more days and see if it shows up. If not, then file a claim. Good luck!
  6. I'm not sure how it takes to ship from Hong Kong. She charged a lot for shipping too.

    Oh, BTW, nice cat.
  7. I guess it all depends on what method she used to ship. As it has to travel internationally, and then get through customs, I wouldn't worry too much yet.

    Not sure if you paid through paypal, but if you did, you have up to 45 days to make a claim through them, so there is no rush to do so. If you paid with a credit card through paypal, you have double protection.

    If she has feedback for slow shipping in the past this is (rather sadly) a good sign - hopefully it is just slow shipping again!
  8. She hasn't given me a tracking number even though I asked.
  9. So she ship from HK to USA? IF she use EMS, it should take 5-7 days or 1-2 weeks by normal airmail.
  10. Has she been on Ebay as far as you can tell since you asked for the tracking number? I would increase my 'reminder' messages but keep it friendly and polite (which I am sure you will!)
  11. Thank you everyone for your advice! You are all very kind.
  12. if its been a week since you paid and you have heard nothing I would go to ebay.
  13. Shipping to Japan can take awhile...please do not file a claim against your seller yet.

    How much was shipping? Shipping Int'l is very pricey and I'm guessing it included insurance.

    I have to ship a 5 lb item to Spain today and 47.50 is the actual cost to ship it. If the price seems high it's more than likely the PO that is charging that fee...not the seller.
  14. You could also get the sellers phone information from ebay and call the seller?
  15. Oh this could take awhile. I personally don't ship outside of, or by from outside the US (not to offend anyone)....it's too scary for me. I once waited like 2 months for something. It's the customs situation that holds you up. HOWEVER, on the up side, I'm sure it will arrive safe and sound soon. I would email her again though, to get the tracking number. Just tell her you're a Nervous Nelly and would really appreciate it. ;)