i dont think that tan paddy will be mine ...

  1. A girl on another forum agreed to sell me her paddy for a great price - so i transfered my savings, had it all ready to pay her and now she has disappeared.

    She was selling it for ages so i dont think she just changed her mind. Sigh. Its made me quite upset.

  2. Whew! Thank GOD you didn't pay her and then she disappeared. This purse wasn't meant to be. Don't worry we'll get you into a Chloe before you know it!
  3. thanks hon... I just got my hopes up big time. I even told her i was happy to pay a bit more. anyways ... i hope i can get access to that sellers part of this site soon. sigh.
  4. She must have had sellers remorse. Maybe she even read your post here and saw that everyone thought it was a great deal! Should we not ooh and aaah until the bag is in hand in the future?
  5. she isnt on this forum (that i know of) ... i hate how i get so obsessed with things - like i got the silverado after so much obsessing, same with the balenciaga twiggy and seafoam city ... and of course my Stam. What's wrong with me!? :push:
  6. LOL! You sound pretty normal to me! Of course we are all denizens of a magical place - "The Purse Forum". Here obsessing is what we do 24/7. I could never confess to anyone 'out there' about how much time I spend here. GULP! - LOL!:nuts:
  7. you're totally right - my boy and my close friends are the only ones who know about the bag 'thing' i have. Not that they understand ... they just 'know'.

    I actually dreamt that i owned that paddy - can u believe it? :rolleyes:
  8. I'll play the devil's advocate... Perhaps something has happened that has prevented her from logging in... a sick child... an accident... pre-holiday shopping...
    In any case, you will find the perfect bag soon... I was extremely upset when overbid on a wonderful chloe I had been following for a while ... but was able to find another beautiful one for half the BIN price after trampling eBay for a couple of weeks... You'll find something even better than this paddy... :tup:
  9. if you dont get it maybe you can snap one up in the sales?
  10. I agree...maybe it's better you didn't get this Paddy and I'll bet anythigng you'll find another great deal!! Maybe she was lurking here and read how you posted about it's authenticity and it wasn't so she suddenly got nervous/guilty??? Possible, or possible she just had life events like mariabdc said and maybe she will contact you yet. Hard to tell. But if she doesn't reappear, try to keep faith. you'll find another!!! I'm sure of it....
  11. thanks guys - you are so great, Unfortunately i live in australia and the only place that sells them is DJs - when they are on sale they are still $1500+
  12. I've seen a few paddys going fairly cheap lately. Will they not ship to you? I was going to list mine but decided to wait until all the sales are over. I don't think I could even get what I paid for it on eBay just a few months ago. Don't give up, if you can find a seller to ship to you, I think you can find a good deal. Of course, have it authenticated here first!
  13. yes, they do but thats more than i can spend. thanks though!

    imonpurseblog - i sent you a PM, thanks ... i think you need to clear your inbox cause i sent you another and it says you are full!