I don't see the new Kristin line

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  1. In the coach website. Where did it go?
  2. You have to type in the name... The line is coming out next week..
  3. I typed "kristin" in the search and it came up for me just now
  4. An SA told me they will come in next month... Was she wrong ?
  5. Not according to my SA.. She had them in the back for set up next week..
  6. Thank you, the SA at pembroke is so wrong.
  7. Thanks for the link crissy11

  8. The SA's information is always all over the place... Just check out the thread for the Maggie LE.. that Baglady has created..
  9. They had them at my FP store today -- I see one of the SA's on her way out with one in a bag that she had bought (a wallet) and one of the SA's in the store was carrying around one of the yellow shoulder bags. They didn't have any on display though.
  10. It says on the web page that we can buy it now before the new floorset on feb 26th! So I would imagine that's when they hit the floor.
  11. I checked out that link. My gosh that teal color is soo pretty! I may need to get the wallet :smile: