I don't see how the seller is making and money off this sale??

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  1. I just bought a Coach purse. I was the only bidder and I got it for the starting price. I know how much it was going for at the outlet. The cheapest she could have gotten it for including tax is CAD $152. With shipping (which was $12 and there is NO WAY it's covering it, I know shipping prices and it's gonna be more like $15 - $20), I paid CAD $167, which means she made a grand total of $15.00. I don't know what the paypal and ebay fees are, but let's say another $5.00 - that means she is making $10 on the sale of this purse.

    It is brand new with tags. It's the only new purse she has - from what I could see with her listings, she only seems to be selling older, used stuff with the exception of this one.

    Why would anyone sell with a profit margin of only $10.00??? I guess I'm just concerned about getting the real deal. But I did all my homework including questions, pictures, communication and authentication.

    I'm just wondering who would sell something to only make $10??

    Does this make sense?
  2. maybe she just wanted to break even. not every seller sells with the intent to make a profit. in the past, ive brought bags final sale that i realize i didnt want anymore. and at that point- i just wanted to break even and get rid of it.
    off to ebay it went.
  3. Maybe that bag did not work for her, and she just wanted to sell it, with or no profit.
  4. Maybe the seller received the purse as a gift and wanted cash, instead of a store credit or store exchange.
  5. Maybe she hoped she would have more bidders.
  6. Maybe she gets a discount at the outlet (if that's possible, I don't know?), as she works there?
  7. agree.
  8. She probably really needs the money and sold it at price she knew it would go for.
  9. I often sell my bags at the price I bought them for because I'm a bit of an impulse buyer (and I kind of treat them as my "return") as lyuen82 also pointed out.

    And like someone else said, it is likely an unwanted gift or that they were expecting more bidders (since there's no BIN).
  10. When it comes to handbags on eBay, most sellers often don't make a profit. Your seller might not have even purchased it at an outlet.

  11. right - and she may have just wanted to get rid of it period! and was glad to do it at any price. i have gotten great bags by being the only bidder but i must admit i have never stopped to wonder why the seller would be willing to accept hundreds of dollars less. don't look a gift horse in the mouth i say!;)
  12. Well I did a little more digging and I found out that she had listed it for about $50 more a month or so ago and got no offers. That is the price they are all going for - around $200. When she relisted it, she took about $50 off the price, and I jumped on it.

    I also think I figured out how/why she got it. She was also trying to sell a Coach credit for $400, but it never sold. I have a feeling she got some stuff on that card, and then put the stuff up for sale to recoup the money she couldn't sell the credit for, and this purse was one of those items.

    And I know it's a boutique delete because you can clearly see "Coach Factory" on the tag, although it does not have the stamp and is definetely a boutique bag, not an MFF.

    As my DH says - if only I could channel this energy into something useful. :P
  13. I actually listed a few Coach bags not too long ago on eBay because I simply haven't carried them in 2+ years, and I ended up selling one of mine for the starting price of $19.99. I paid over $200 for the bag, so obviously I took a huge loss on that, but when I tried to sell the bag prior to that at a higher starting/BIN price, the auction ended with no bids. Sometimes you can attact lots of bidders with a low starting price, sometimes the bag will end with only 1 bidder - sometimes none! It's a gamble, and it sounds like the seller of your Coach bag took that chance and lost, just like I did.

    All this being said, a low starting/ending price doesn't necessarily mean the item isn't authentic. ;)
  14. Exactly, sometimes breaking even is the best you can do! I never sell to make a profit, just to get some money back for a bag I'm not using. I've taken a loss on several bags I've sold but at least I got what I did for them, it's better than nothing for a bag that's sitting around unused.

  15. Yep, I just want to recoup as much of the cost as possible so I can put the funds towards another bag, if I make a profit it's just an added bonus.