I don't see a date code on my new Azur 30? Why?

  1. Wondering if anyone can help....don't see a date code on my new azur 30...it was bought in the store so no question on authenticity. Do the speedies not come with the little date code inside the pocket? tia.
  2. did you flip up the pocket? it should be on one of the D-rings...
  3. D-ring? Lol...I'm a moron...what is that?
  4. Like Khoi said..flip the pocket..there's leather tab underneath..you will find the date code there
  5. Don't have azur speedy just yet..

    the leather tab looks like this;


    D-ring looks like this ( with D shape metal):
  6. Aaaaah...okay. Thanks everyone! I will go check!